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I’m very conflicted about these shirts from Kinksterwear. On the one hand, I know that BDSM is consensual and all that stuff. And I’ve expressed the sentiments displayed on these shirts to partners before. However, the idea of wearing them on a t-shirt, unless it’s at some sort of kink event, makes me uncomfortable. If [...]
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Book Club: The Purity Myth

This month, we tackled The Purity Myth: How America’s Obsession With Virginity is Hurting Young Women by Jessica Valenti. Overall, I really enjoyed this book, and I think Valenti makes some fantastic points. Granted, I agree with her point of view already, so convincing me that the virginity movement is not necessarily a positive thing [...]
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Product Review: Crystal Delights Glass Plug (small)

A little while back, Virtually Adult sent me the Crystal Delights Glass Plug. I loved it, except that I didn’t love the long base. It made it difficult for the plug to stay in, and impossible to use for extended wear. Well, being the awesome company that they are, Virtually Adult *gasp* listened to my [...]
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Engaged in Monogamy

How do diamond rings and monogamy guarantee a life of intensity and passion? Because giving her a diamond ring means monogamy? If you want a monogamous relationship, why does it take a ring to make it monogamous? Again, it’s just another example of pop culture and mainstream society imposing the dominant relationship model as the [...]
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Sexy: For His Pleasure!

It’s no surprise that Cosmo is a piece of shit. I mean, really. We know it’s misleading and ridiculous. But because I am a masochist and enjoy *headdesk*ing, I was compelled to visit their website. The first article that pops up? “20 Dresses Guys Want You To Wear This Spring.” Not “20 Dresses to Make [...]
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“R. Kelly is either a genius, or mildly schizophrenic.”*

I never paid much attention to R. Kelly or his music. I always assumed that he must be a decent artist in his genre, since he seemed to be successful. I also knew that he liked to pee on young girls, and is the worst liar in the world, because when asked if he liked [...]
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Enough is Enough?

I have this kind of weird bond with The Bruiser. This, of course, is totally one-sided. He treats me like shit. Calls me when it suits him, and I always answer. No matter what. No matter the time, the day, the circumstance. He calls, I answer. He knows that he has me whenever he wants [...]
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The Beauty Myth

On Twitter the other day, Champagne and Benzedrine and I were disagreeing about something (shocking, I know). He tweeted the following (which will now be referred to as The Most Epic Tweet Ever Tweeted™): Not only do I disagree with this statement, I believe that body image and self-esteem are the main way that the [...]
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My friend overdosed this weekend. They’re placing time of death sometime around Sunday night. His body was found Wednesday night, when they broke the door down because no one could get in touch with him. When I think of the scene, all I can think of is what it must have smelled like. I recently [...]
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Me: “Yeah, I don’t really like downtown or clubs because there are a ton of drunk douchebags that are always touching and grabbing at me, and I don’t really take well to that.” Him: “You’re picky. I mean, you don’t even like people touching you!” Me: “Um, I don’t like people touching me when I [...]
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