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May The Force Be With You

And we’re back with another dating site message for the ages. …., it says we need to match at least 60 % or the message I send you will appear with a filter warning. Warned you are then, ha-ha. Good morning, how are you ? Up late I presume, or up rather early you could [...]
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No Daddy Issues For Me

I got a message from a 51-year-old man the other day. One with no picture, mind you. It said, simply, “What’s the last thing that surprised you?” And so, I responded just as simply. “That a 51-year-old man thought it would be appropriate to message a 25-year-old woman. ” Look, I’m not trying to date [...]
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Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: OkCupid Version

The Players: myself, Rose, The Scientist, The Scientist’s Girlfriend The Background: I used to work with Rose at the toy store. I’ve gone on several dates with The Scientist. The Scientist is poly and has a primary partner, his Girlfriend. All four of us are on OkCupid. The Sitch: After my first date with The [...]
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Dating Advice, Plz

When you go on a date that’s really, really good, it’s easy to know how to proceed. Usually both parties felt similarly about the chemistry, and a second date is scheduled at some point. When you go on a date that’s really, really bad, it’s also easy to know how to proceed. Usually both parties [...]
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The (For Real) Best Dating Site Message in the History of Ever

I spend a lot of time highlighting the terrible messages and profiles that I encounter on OkCupid. However, I just received quite possibly the most awesome message EVER. Subject: [reverse psychology in action] So, clearly, this will never work. In fact, you should stop reading this right now and return to eating Play-Doh and ministering [...]
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I got laid last night. Twice. That is all. Continue on with your daily activities. (Hey, it’d been over a month! I have every right to brag about it!)
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Grammar is Clearly Not One of Your “Specialty’s,” Nor Does Being Offensive Seem to Be One, Either

Oh, OkCupid. Subject: being offensive is one of my specialty’s Message: How offensive you ask, well….example; I once got up in-front of 150 coworkers and 200 people that were from other company at a company dinner in Hong Kong (I used to live there). Were I proceed to sing my joking version of Beijing opera. [...]
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The Best Dating Site Message in the History of Ever

TWG forwarded me a message that she got on, and it might be the best thing I’ve ever read in my life. Subject: The Longest, Most Interesting Email You’ll Ever Read *laughs* Message: Hi *smiles* My name is Pete. I’m writing because my curiosity was piqued by your profile and was wondering if perhaps [...]
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I Get the Feeling This Guy Talks A Lot…

The world’s most long-winded and totally odd/pointless initial message. Enjoy: Hello there. You seem like an interesting character. Let me tell you a story. When I was 19 I dropped out of college in Western Mass and moved to New York City on a whim. It was a great idea. I was still young enough [...]
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“I know how to spell, and use grammar but find it more fun to write how i talk.”

I got this message… I definately don’t take myself seriously and am kind of looking for a partner in crime which I don’t think you would have a hard time fulfilling. I do have a thin for short girls with attitude so naturally Im sending you this message. I love your style and would be [...]
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