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I Swear I’m Not Dead!

I apologize profusely for the radio silence on the blog lately. Work is stressful and exhausting, and Jesus and I were preparing to move. Not only that, when we didn’t have our own place, it was difficult for me to find blogging or computer time, as Jesus would get bored just sitting there by himself. [...]
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I Win.

As Jesus and I prepare to move in together, we make mention of things we would like to have in our new apartment. What do you think of something like this? What about something like that? Jesus asked permission to hang his hideous red velvet curtains on the bay windows in our living room, which [...]
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I introduced Jesus to the Njoy Pure Wand last night. They were fast friends. The squirting was epic. Everyone was happy. The end.
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Medication Diaries: Entry 7

I’ve been on the Nuvaring for approximately 7 months now. I’ve had no side effects and my periods have returned to the moderate flow and minimal cramps that I had on every other birth control besides the Seasonique. As long as I remember to set reminders on my phone, I have no problem remembering when [...]
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A(nother) Case for Comprehensive Sex Ed

I’m not quite sure how I followed a link to TrèsSugar, but I noticed a column at the top of the page that said, “Sunday Confession: I Have Herpes.” I clicked, pleasantly surprised to see what I expected to be a column that attempted to destigmatize herpes. What I read was this: I have genital [...]
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Sexy Gifts Are The Best Gifts

Babeland is currently running a contest that allows people to win a product of their choice from their Sexy Holiday Gift Guide. There are some fuckin’ awesome toys on the list, but I’d like to win the Cobra Libre. It looks reallyreally cool and I haven’t read many (if any) reviews of it yet. Plus, [...]
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Things You Can Do With Silicone Lube (Besides Have Sex)

Silicone lube is TOTALLY multi-purpose. I continue to find new and fantastic uses for it.  AAG agrees that there’s nothing silicone lube can’t do. I mean, with silicone lube you can: Give a back massage Polish leather Smooth hair frizz Fix a squeaky hinge Get a taper through your ear Oil up a Slip n’ [...]
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I saw this commercial for the first time the other day, and it bothers me on several levels. We have the man defining his “manhood” or “masculinity” based on his sexual prowess. He’s “The Man” because he’s good in bed and can give her orgasms (most likely through PIV sex, obvi). Yes, it’s great to [...]
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Promiscuity Done Right

I have a UTI (boo. But yay for sex!), so I went to the Planned Parenthood near my apartment. Of course, they have to ask you a lot of questions to assess your risk factors and whatnot. I answered them all quickly and without any hint of shame or embarrassment, but the more questions that [...]
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Product Review: Ophoria Beyond 3

I’m a total whore for g-spot stimulation. I almost always buy curved dildos now, and have little to no interest in dildos that are not curved, unless there’s something else special about them (i.e. the massive girth of Randy). And after Epiphora’s glowing review of the Ophoria Beyond 3, I decided that I needed to [...]
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