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Guest Post: S&M and Abuse

While I’m busy working and unpacking and setting up my new apartment (Jesus and I are officially cohabitating!), I’ll leave you with a guest post from Molls. Molls recently moved to Holland with her husband (wow, that’s weird to say. Husband is something I never thought I’d associate with Molls) and is unemployed for the [...]
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Follow Up: Domestic Violence on MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’

A while back, I had written about the double standard regarding domestic violence and violence in general when a female is the perpetrator, and used an episode of Teen Mom as the catalyst for the post. Therefore, I was surprised, but nicely surprised, to hear that Amber, the perpetrator of said violence, has actually been [...]
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I’m a huge fan of Project Runway. Mondo is by far my favorite designer on the show. He’s quirky and he plays with color and pattern, which is something I love (which you’ve probably noticed, if you’ve ever seen anything I wear!). He wears fucking fantastic things, and is so fabulous that I almost can’t [...]
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REALLY, Amanda Bynes?!

I’ve spoken before about how Amanda Bynes’ tweets make me kind of sad and they seem to be those of someone that just wants desperately to find The One and won’t be happy until she does. It seems that she’s only happy when she’s in love. This one really stuck out to me: Like, really? [...]
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Stay Classy, NY Post

From a piece entitled, “Vivien ‘Lay,’ scarlet woman:*” Two-time Oscar winner Viven Leigh, the iconic Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone With The Wind,” was a hot mess off-screen — a slutty bisexual who battled mental illness for most of her adult life, an explosive new biography claims. So what have we learned today, class? Bisexuality is [...]
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Empowering Or Disturbing?

Because a lot of people have asked what I think, Love the Way You Lie, featuring Rihanna: I’ve seen a lot of reactions to this, and the majority of people seem to be disappointed that Rihanna took part in a video that “glamorized abusive relationships.” I disagree entirely. It’s music, and while we should never [...]
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I Bet Amanda Bynes Reads “Cosmo”

Amanda Bynes seems to be one of those girls who obsesses about finding “the one,” and is only happy when she’s in love. Also, one of those girls that doesn’t handle breakups so well. I checked out her Twitter feed the other day, and… I decided to Google her and see if she’d given any [...]
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Drunk Girl

I stopped regularly watching The Real World a few seasons ago. I always give the new season a chance, but a couple years ago, I stopped feeling like I was watching my peers, and started feeling like I was watching people I used to know in college. In short, I felt older than the people [...]
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Ain’t No Shame

Taylor Momsen seems like a pretty awesome chick. She’s only 16, but seems to know who she is and who she wants to be and doesn’t seem to give a fuck what anyone thinks of her. She rejects the Disney-esque path of innocence and purity that many female teen stars take, and stays true to [...]
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Sexual Assault Anthem*: “Too Close”

The song “Too Close” by Next (it’s from the late ’90s) is very rapey. In fact, it reminds me of something that I’ve experienced. No wonder he thought it was okay! He must have listened to this song before going out! Let’s look at some of the relevant lyrics, shall we? I wonder if she [...]
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