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Opposites Attract

I wish I was kidding when I say that someone (Max Martin, Dr. Luke, and Katy Perry are credited on the album) got paid to write the lyrics to this song. Seriously? If you can’t listen to the whole song, here are some select excerpts from the song (honestly, I think an 8-year-old wrote this): [...]
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The Promo Homo taught me about a new phenomenon called “coregasms.” TPH: I have a new reason to go to the gym… certain ab exercises are giving me “coregasms”TPH: look into itTPH: have you heard of it happening before? it makes senseTPH: something about working your lower abdominals and it stimulating your PC musclesme: it makes [...]
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When I was dating her last summer, I told my mom that she was just a friend. I have come out to my mom in the past (actually, I was outed by an ex boyfriend, but that is a story for another day), but my mom firmly believes that bisexuality does not exist. She understands [...]
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Wardrobe Malfunction: Day to Night

Today was a busy day. I had lunch with a friend, class, and then possibly a date with The Lawyer. I dressed accordingly, and left my house for the day. I am wearing: Dress from Target (that inspired the colors of my hair!) Bullhead “Venice” skinny jeans in “Classic Indigo” from Pac Sun Black boots [...]
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Battle of the Sexes

I have completely different sex with men than I have with women. While I enjoy sleeping with both sexes, the experiences are completely different for me. I tend to have much more sex with men than I do with women (I’ve been with about 1/3 the number of woman as I have men (did that [...]
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I have a very sensitive gag reflex. I gag when taking pills, when brushing my teeth, and when I smell something foul. I was sick as hell all weekend, and I had to take a bunch of pills. I was having trouble getting them down, as I kept gagging every time that I simply put [...]
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Excuses, Excuses

My mom knows that I slept with The Lawyer, because, well a) I didn’t come home that night, b) she’s noticed us talking more, and c) she’s noticed that I seem to like him a whole lot more. I have been deathly ill all weekend (and The Lawyer came by with soup which was hella [...]
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Product Review: Blueberry Buzz

The Blueberry Buzz is a waterproof, multi-speed straight vibe made from hard plastic. It takes 2 AA batteries, and turning the dial at the bottom of the toy turns it on and off and increases the speed of the vibration. Let it be known that I typically do not like straight vibes. Internal vibrations tend to [...]
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I LOVE Betsey Johnson. I love everything about her design aesthetic. It’s like girly, punk rock pixies on acid. She makes me cutest, girliest, flirtiest dresses ever, and I want every single one of them. Unfortunately, they range from $250-$350 a piece and at this point in my life, I just can’t afford them. But [...]
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Change of Heart

I had been on 4 or 5 dates with a lawyer I met on Match. He was smart, funny, cute, and cynical. There was nothing wrong with him. On paper, we should have been great. We had great conversation, and got along really well. But for some reason, every time he kissed me, I wanted [...]
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