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Worlds Apart

I sent my mother the view from the hotel that Jesus and I spent the weekend in, located in rural New Hampshire. She responded with a picture of a view from the backyard of our Florida house. Totally different worlds. And my mom is funny.
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Day 10: Someone You Don’t Talk To As Much As You’d Like

I sucked for a while and let my 30 Days of Letters fall by the wayside. I’m going to try and start writing them again. Dear Dad, I wish we talked more, and not just in the literal sense. Because while it’s true that we don’t talk very often, and when I live away from [...]
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Daddy’s Girl

If you had asked me if I would want to end up with a man that was like my father, I would have recoiled in horror. “I would never want to end up with someone like my father,” I would have told you. It’s not that my father is a bad person. In fact, it’s [...]
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Wardrobe Malfunction: Punctuation and Feathers

One thing I really appreciate about my job is that they allow me to maintain and express my individuality. I’m allowed to have visible tattoos and piercings, dye my hair, and wear whatever I want as long as it’s within dress code. This means nothing too revealing, no jeans except for Fridays, and no flip [...]
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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone (or at least all my American readers)! I hope that however you’re celebrating and whoever you’re celebrating with is wonderful and not too stressful. My family is in Florida, so I won’t be spending Thanksgiving with them, but my mother will be flying up this weekend for her first visit since I [...]
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You Say “Dyke” Like It’s A Bad Thing

As you know, I got my hair cut the other day. I really, really fucking love it. My mother saw the pictures and told me that my hair looked “dykey” and “butch.” I cried. When I sat down to think about why I had that reaction, there were so many different levels to this statement [...]
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Day 3: Your Parents

Dear Mom and Dad, As much as I complain about you guys, I really couldn’t ask for better parents. I know we have our differences, but I also know that you guys love me more than anything in the world. I’ve been so lucky to have parents like you that have supported me, both emotionally [...]
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Privacy Invasion

My room is a mess. Instead of harassing me to clean it, like she usually does, my mother took it upon herself to clean it for me while I was out for the night. This was very nice of her… except that my sex toys were EVERYWHERE. I don’t think there were any dirty sex [...]
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A Matter of Taste

My mom and I have totally different taste in men. She likes tan, muscular, pretty men. I like husky, hairy, tattooed men (oh man. I just described Dude perfectly. *drool*). My phone broke the other day, and so we went to the AT&T store to have it replaced. The store was next to a Gold’s [...]
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Um, No, That’s Still Racist

I recently grew some balls and did something I’ve never done before. I was eating a meal by myself, and thought my waiter was adorable. So I left my number in the billfold with the tip. And lo and behold, he actually called! We’ve gone out a few times now, and so far I really [...]
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