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Holy shit, my legs look skinny as hell from this angle! What can I say? I’ve always had chicken legs. And I gave myself this pedicure, thankyouverymuch. I usually go have them done, but I am a broke ass bitch and cannot afford the $26. Holla.
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Special Delivery

I got a little something in the mail today…
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Tragedy Continues to Strike!

My replacement Hitachi cannot come soon enough. I am eagerly waiting its arrival, and after what happened last night, I am DEFINITELY in need of a new vibe. I have now managed to break my second vibe in a little over a month. The worst part is that I don’t even know how I did [...]
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Say No to Hatred

I went and stood in line for over two hours yesterday to vote at the early voting site in my town. While I was waiting in line, I was listening to the people around me discuss some of the issues and some of the amendments that were up for a vote. Every person that I [...]
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Every Little Bit Helps

I will continue to be excited about women with normal bodies being shown on TV. Especially as sexual, hot, attractive, desirable, and sexy people. Because they are. And Sara Ramirez? Is hot. Exhibit A: And if the actress happens to be playing someone who is getting involved in her first lesbian relationship? Even better. I [...]
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Boner Kisses

That’s what The Bruiser calls the kisses I give him when I am particularly horny or want to let him know that I want to fuck. He says he can tell when I am in the mood, because I start giving him “boner kisses.” Boner kisses involve open mouth, lots of tongue, and can get [...]
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Riddle Me This

How did I end up with a bite mark on my thigh? And not on my inner thigh, either! It’s on the top of my thigh! I felt the bruise before I saw it, and assumed that it was from the edge of his vanity. I had been bent over the sink and fucked from [...]
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Product Review: Pleasure Plus Condoms

People love Pleasure Plus condoms. I know this because we used to sell a ton of them at our store. Some people bought them strictly because the package was wicked cool (and it is! It doesn’t look at all like a condom box, and you can keep stuff (including other condoms/lube packets) in it after [...]
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Soap Boxing

I live in Florida and will be voting NO on Amendment 2 this November 4. Specifically, the proposed amendment does two things. It defines marriage between one man and one woman, and it also prohibits the recognition of any union that is treated as marriage or the substantial equivalent to marriage. This means that not [...]
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Uncharted Waters

Lately I have really, really wanted to be fisted. It is not something that I have ever done before, and it was not something that I was ever interested in trying until recently. I don’t know what changed my mind, but I think about it often. The problem has been finding a partner willing to [...]
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