Uncharted Waters

Lately I have really, really wanted to be fisted. It is not something that I have ever done before, and it was not something that I was ever interested in trying until recently. I don’t know what changed my mind, but I think about it often.

The problem has been finding a partner willing to go there with me. The partners I have had since deciding that this is something that I desire have been grossed out by the idea. God forbid a woman stretches out like that. Also, I think that they have misperceptions about the entire process itself. It’s not nearly as vulgar and offensive as they seem to think it is.
I LOVE being fingered. Love it. I can get off very easily with a finger or two or three. I think that I would really enjoy taking the time with a partner to gradually be able to take their whole hand, to work together with that person to make it happen. I would love to have someone fill me up like that. And as a submissive woman, it makes sense; I am putting a lot of trust in that person and giving them a lot of control to let them get to that point with me.
It is not something that I have brought up with The Bruiser yet, and honestly, I’m a little apprehensive to do so. I will definitely wait a little longer before broaching the subject with him. Though something we have discussed? The prospect of me giving him my ass a little while down the road. That’s another thing that I want to learn to enjoy, but my partners have been so well endowed that it has been a scary and painful proposition.
Maybe we will start with the ass and move on to the fisting later in the relationship. Either way, I want them both, dammit.
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  1. 13messages
    Posted October 24, 2008 at 11:34 am | Permalink

    A lover once asked me to fist her. We took our sweet time working up to it and she came like never before.

    Good luck your way.

  2. April
    Posted October 27, 2008 at 12:36 pm | Permalink

    I've never been nor ever had the desire to be fisted. I'm sure that it can be pleasurable to some people, but I popped a kid from my vajay and vividly remember that pain (no drugs). I know it's not the same, but for some reason I associate the birthing pain with being fisted. Maybe one day if I can disassociate the 2, I'll try it.

    Although, I'm somewhat of a hypocrite because I've taken some really painful, large, poops in my life. Yet, I LOVE having a dick in my ass. My wonderful boyfriend, Joe, will not stick his dick in my ass…..yet. I'm working on getting him to be open-minded enough to try it. He's concerned about getting shit on his dick and having it smell like shit even after he washes it. I told him that it doesn't always work like that and it will not smell even after he washes it. And I told him he could put a condom on and that might make him feel better. He said no. But I have a feeling I'll be getting the butt sex from him sometime. Especially now that I'll be living with him starting next weekend.

    Good luck getting the fist and the dick in the ass!!

  3. ShyViolet
    Posted November 3, 2008 at 11:02 pm | Permalink

    Although I have never hadn't thought about being fist fucked, I think I would rather enjoy doing it to someone else. As a petite female, my hands are relatively small. My fiancees hands are not much bigger than mine. The idea of him working into me slowly and watching my facial expressions change as I anticipate the initial pain and feel the pleasure as he moves his hand around really is exciting me.

    As for ass fucking I LOVE IT! I have come a long way from my first experience which involved 7 vodka and OJs to try it only to be remembered mostly by me sitting in the shower throwing up and bleeding. Now I am with a man that really knows how to fuck me. My vagina, mouth and ass are his for his pleasure. Because his pleasure is to please me. Good Luck Britni and thanks as always for sharing!!

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