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Bite Me

This is the very recent collection of bite marks/hickies/mix of both that I received the other day. I’m looking forward to them being darker and more hurty tomorrow. It’s been way too long since I’ve had sex bruises. And y’all know how much I love sex bruises. I can has moar ruff secks, plz?
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Fat Lip

Good to know he still lives up to his nickname. But man, that shit HURTS. EDIT: It’s gone from purple to blue.
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There are many, many more where this came from.
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The Bruiser Certainly Lived Up To His Name Last Night

I have some very lovely bruises covering my arms and my back from my session with The Bruiser last night. He was delightfully rough, which was fun since he has not been as rough with me lately as he used to be. Last night I got choked, slapped, grabbed, and face fucked violently for somewhere [...]
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Hurts So Good

I have bruises on both my arms. I have some more on my hips and on my ass (oh my goodness, my ass is sore). My body hurts in such a good way. It hurts so fucking good.
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Tight Grip

When The Bruiser bends me over the vanity in his room, he grabs me, one hand on my shoulder and the other on my hip. He grips me hard; hard enough for me to feel where his hands were the next day. He uses this grip to be able to pound me even harder than [...]
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My most recent finger mark. Complete with a cut from the nail.
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Riddle Me This

How did I end up with a bite mark on my thigh? And not on my inner thigh, either! It’s on the top of my thigh! I felt the bruise before I saw it, and assumed that it was from the edge of his vanity. I had been bent over the sink and fucked from [...]
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This is what happens when you are being bent over a counter and fucked from behind and your lover grabs hold of your arms to force your body upright so that you can watch him fuck you in the mirror above the sink: He leaves imprints of his fingers on your arm. He marks you [...]
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Battered and Bruised: An Addendum

And for shits and giggles and for lack of anything else to post today, I will add my rug burn on my spine to the injuries I received from The Bruiser this weekend. This is what happens when you fuck on carpeting directly from a shower. Wet skin+friction on carpet= ouch.
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