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Like a Cat Out of Hell

So, Epiphora, or ‘Piph, as I like to call her, loves cats. I’m not such a cat person myself, mostly because I’m allergic to them. Also, I dated this guy who had the most evil cat on the planet and when Boyfriend would leave for work in the morning, cat would run into the room [...]
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In case you were unaware, I totally heart transmen. Like, a lot. Most of the time, I’m a little sad that I’m not dating one. Or fucking one. But I have never, ever been as mesmerized by a transman as I am by Billy Castro. He’s an FTM porn star who shoots with Courtney Trouble. [...]
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One-Woman Revolution

Gabby Sidibe is amazing. This woman is defying all our societal standards and notions of what it means to be beautiful, and she’s doing it with poise, confidence, eloquence, and spunk. Her performance in Precious speaks for itself; it was phenomenal. And if you’ve ever seen her in an interview, it quickly becomes clear just [...]
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Is That A Banana In Your Pocket?

This Vice Fashion men’s shoot was too great not to share with you guys. It’s called “WORK HARD PLAY HARD.” The jumping one is my favorite. I also like the one with the dog. It’s file name is “boner-bitch.” Hee.
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Vadge Wigs

It would be wrong for me not to feature this Vice Fashion photo shoot called “Merkin’ Around,” seeing as I’m “Britni TheVadgeWig,” and all. If you ever wondered where the “VadgeWig” part of my name came from, I guess now is a good time to tell you! I used to be a very active commenter [...]
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Packing Heat

One of the hottest images that I can think of is a woman (or a boi, butch, transman, any non-cismale) in a strap-on. There is something about the soft femininity of curves, combined with the powerful, dominant image of a cock that sets me on edge. But there’s also something about an androgynous body rocking [...]
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Sizing Up Fashion Mags

EDIT: Sqweaky Girl posted an insider’s look into size in the fashion industry, with some explanations and clarification. Check it out. V Magazine is doing a “size” issue in the Spring. The preview has come out, and let me just say GOOD GOD. STUNNING. I think the “plus” models are SO much prettier than the [...]
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Merry Christmas, from Lady Gaga

To all those celebrating today, Merry Christmas! For your listening pleasure, I present Lady Gaga’s Christmas song, “Christmas Tree” (lyrics below (I’ve bolded the awesome parts), and no, I am not kidding): “Ra pa pam pam, ra pa pam pamRa pa pam pam, ra pa pam pam Light me up put me on top, let’s [...]
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When you think of someone that is “feminine,” many images, often of women, come to mind. Descriptors like “soft,” “gentle,” and “delicate” are often used. “Muscular” is not. “Muscular” is a “masculine” term. “Masculine,” as we all know, is a term often associated with men. If men are masculine, and muscles are a masculine feature, [...]
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