Product Review: Pleasure Plus Condoms

People love Pleasure Plus condoms. I know this because we used to sell a ton of them at our store. Some people bought them strictly because the package was wicked cool (and it is! It doesn’t look at all like a condom box, and you can keep stuff (including other condoms/lube packets) in it after you have used up all the condoms it came with). Other people bought them because we used to have our condoms blown up and hanging and the odd shape intrigued them. Yet other people bought them based on our or other people’s recommendations. They also sponsor a ton of stuff in the gay community, so they are given out for free at lots of clinics and events, so lots of people had tried them that way.

The condoms are made from a higher quality latex than Trojan, Durex, and Lifestyles condoms and are about 20% thinner than a standard condom. They run slightly bigger than a standard condom, and some men who are between standard and magnum size find that these are more comfortable for them.
But what makes Pleasure Plus condoms truly unique is the pouch of excess latex at the head of the condom. The excess latex creates ridges and folds as it moves around during the thrusting of sex. These ridges and folds create more and different sensations for both the man and the woman. Some men like the roomier head on the condom, and they are also great for men with genital piercings.

I, personally, did not like these condoms. I was really disappointed, because I know so many people that truly love them and I had heard such great things about them. I will list the good things about my experience with the condom first: the latex did not irritate me (like the latex on Trojans, Durex, and Lifestyles tends to do) and I think it was covered in silicone-based lube because it felt nice and slick.
So what didn’t I like? I hated that stupid pouch. Not only did it not really add any sensation for me, other than the feeling that the condom was too big for the guy, it made slurping and crinkling noises with each thrust. It sounded and felt like a garbage or plastic bag and the noises really killed the mood! We ended up taking it off. However, I have to wonder if the noises were due to the fact that I tend to get extremely lubricated during sex. I mean, my vadge makes enough noises due to excess lubrication on its own, so the pouch on the condom may just have not mixed well with the wetness that I provide.
So, while I didn’t like the condoms, I don’t discourage other people from giving them a try. I always continued to recommend them to people for various reasons. Not only do I know a ton of people that swear by them, when you are in a relationship in which condoms are a necessary evil, things can get routine. So just like you might try spicing up your sex life with a toy or a flavored lube or handcuffs, you can have fun with your condoms, too! Try something different, have a little fun, and who knows? You may end up loving them!
So if you want to give these a shot, go pop by Babeland (who is having a huge sale! 20-40% off!) and pick up a few. Safe sex should be fun!
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  1. Apollo Unchained
    Posted October 26, 2008 at 2:17 pm | Permalink

    Wonderful review! Fox News would call it "fair and balanced" ;-) And I love the description of the "slurping and crinkling noises with each thrust."

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