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Menage A Moi

Most everyone probably remembers when they first started to masturbate. Most of my girl friends that I have talked about it with recall rubbing themselves against pillows and arms of couches from a very young age. Many of them also recall experimenting with female friends while in elementary school. I never did any of those [...]
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A Long Way To Go

Rich over at fourfour posted an amazingly powerful video regarding all of the homophobia that has graced the media this week. Watch it. Seriously. About halfway through this video, I started crying. Watching Rich (who is gay, if you did not figure that out) sit amongst the deluge of hatred was truly profound. It was [...]
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Two Becomes Three

This might be the coolest product I have ever seen. It is a harness that allows for double-penetration. It’s like having a threesome– with two people! The coolest thing about it is that it can be used with two women or with a man and a woman. The bottom ring acts as a cock ring [...]
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Making A List and Checking It Twice

I used to have a sexual to-do list. I honestly don’t remember what was on it anymore, so I am going to make another one. These are all of the things that I have never done, but would really like to do eventually. Learn to enjoy anal sex. Participate in group sex/an orgy Begin actively [...]
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GChat and Molls: Continuing to Help Me Avoid Productivity

It continues to amaze me just HOW unproductive I am capable of being. Molls and I had another chat today. This time, I was laughing so hard I was crying. I am in awe of how correctly I have been using the word “spelunk.” Like, best. usage. ever. Molls: I need some girl sexme: i [...]
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“I don’t just want a shot at love, I want the whole bar!” -Brittany, A Shot At Love 2 With Tila Tequila Reunion Show I loved Brittany from this season of A Shot At Love (I keep typing A “Shit” At Love by accident; Freudian slip much?). She was real, cute, funny, and totally hot. [...]
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While browsing through Craigslist’s Casual Encounters (seriously, how funny are those?) I know for a fact that I just found a posting created by Bartender. It was titled “Fun couple in [Town Name]” and had my age listed, and was mw4mw (man and woman looking for a man and woman). Unfortunately, when I clicked on [...]
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Bisexuality Part IV: All Bi Ourselves

Part I Part II Part III “Guess there’s something wrong with meGuess I don’t fit in.No one wants to touch itNo one knows where to beginI’ve got more than one membershipTo more than one club.”-Ani DiFranco, In or Out Bisexuals (and I guess since I haven’t clarified this yet, I’ll do it now: since I’m [...]
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The Best Condom Commercial Ever

This reminds me of when I worked as a nanny and it was the best. birth control. ever. I wish they aired spots like this in the U.S. But, seeing as our country has a perpetual stick up its ass, it is unlikely that will ever happen.
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Bisexuality Part III: Struggling To Get Bi

Part I Part II “I still don’t know if I’m straight or if I’m gay!” -Tila Tequila “It is because of me– I definitely think [my show] helped the movement… The next thing you know, [gay marriage] is legal!” -Tila Tequila Bisexuality in pop culture does nothing to legitimize the orientation at all. It is [...]
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