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Vulva Beautiful

Vulvas are beautiful. All of them. The lovely labia. The mons, with hair or without. The little clitoral button that rears it’s head.  We’re so often shown these genitals that are hairless, uniform in nature, and wholly unrealistic. But your vulva does not have to look like the ones in Playboy to be beautiful. In [...]
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Hair Down There

I’ve noticed lately what seems to be a shift away from the shaved/waxed completely bare trend that dominated pubic grooming for the last several years. I know that beauty standards come and go, and things come in and out of style. But it seems like there has been a backlash, especially on the part of [...]
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Bearded Ladies

In our society, we expect our women to be hairless. They should shave their legs, their underarms, their pubic hair. Some women eschew that because they want to. But some women can’t help the hair that grows on their body. Whether it’s PCOS or hirsutism, or something they keep by choice, excess hair doesn’t make [...]
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Of Scars

One of my biggest pet peeves with breast cancer awareness campaigns such as “Save the Tatas” is the emphasis on the tits, and not the women attached to them. Of course, anything done to raise awareness and money for breast cancer is a great thing, I just wish we could focus more on the woman, [...]
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We Don’t Need No Education?

Sex education is severely lacking in this country. We know this. But it’s not just sexual knowledge that we miss out on when we have poor sex ed. We also miss out on knowledge about our bodies and how our sexual organs work and function. For men, most of their junk is right out there [...]
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Hung Like A 9-Year-Old

In fantastically coincidental timing, the day after I post about how we shouldn’t shame men for having a small penis, Hailey Glassman does one of the most disgusting, classless, unnecessary things that anyone could do. She continually talks about how small Jon Gosselin’s penis is. And she doesn’t just mention it in passing in the [...]
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Size Matters (Except That It Doesn’t. And Shouldn’t)

I came across this post on a forum recently (lovely grammar and spelling are hers): “SMALL PENIS… are SOOO much better than large penis’….. or so think some morons online HA!!!! I was browsing online trying to find out why my [boyfriend's] dick is tiny but his dads was deliciously large, and tumbled upon a [...]
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In case you were unaware, I totally heart transmen. Like, a lot. Most of the time, I’m a little sad that I’m not dating one. Or fucking one. But I have never, ever been as mesmerized by a transman as I am by Billy Castro. He’s an FTM porn star who shoots with Courtney Trouble. [...]
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One-Woman Revolution

Gabby Sidibe is amazing. This woman is defying all our societal standards and notions of what it means to be beautiful, and she’s doing it with poise, confidence, eloquence, and spunk. Her performance in Precious speaks for itself; it was phenomenal. And if you’ve ever seen her in an interview, it quickly becomes clear just [...]
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Giuliana Rancic Should Not Be On The Red Carpet, Or TV, For That Matter

Giuliana Rancic does red carpet coverage for awards shows for the E! Network. I think that she should be removed from it. She has a sick obsession with diets, weight, and bodies of the celebrities that she interviews. She’s promoting and reinforcing an unhealthy body image ideal, not just in terms of the comments she [...]
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