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Why Treat A Sex Worker Like An Actual Human Being When You Can Dehumanize The Shit Out of Them?

I usually really like The Oatmeal. Especially their grammar posters, which I want to own. But they recently published an absolutely appalling cartoon about sex workers. It’s called “5 Super Neat Ways to Use a Hooker.” I should have been called “5 Super Awful Ways to Dehumanize a Sex Worker.” Let’s take a look, shall [...]
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I Like It Rough.

I’m capable of having and enjoying vanilla sex. I used to do it much more in the past than I do now, though. As I get older and explore my sexuality more, it’s become clear that some degree of roughness is necessary. I require at least a little bit of assertion, dominance, and force from [...]
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No Daddy Issues For Me

I got a message from a 51-year-old man the other day. One with no picture, mind you. It said, simply, “What’s the last thing that surprised you?” And so, I responded just as simply. “That a 51-year-old man thought it would be appropriate to message a 25-year-old woman. ” Look, I’m not trying to date [...]
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Wardrobe Malfunction: Pretty Ugly

I saw these pants and thought they were the ugliest things I had ever seen. Which meant that I needed to own them and figure out a way to make them work. I am wearing: Teal and black tie dyed drop-crotch pants, American Apparel Wife beater Black vest, H&M Black round-toe pumps, Steve Madden Teal [...]
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I need to work on getting laid more. This once-a-week thing isn’t gonna cut it. Maybe I should stop hanging out with gay men all the time. Might help my cause.
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REALLY, Amanda Bynes?!

I’ve spoken before about how Amanda Bynes’ tweets make me kind of sad and they seem to be those of someone that just wants desperately to find The One and won’t be happy until she does. It seems that she’s only happy when she’s in love. This one really stuck out to me: Like, really? [...]
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I don’t remember how the conversation started, but The Scientist said something that prompted my head to snap up and say, “I didn’t know you were kinky.” Because our sex had been far from kinky at this point, and I was planning on asking him to be rougher with me the next time we were [...]
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Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: OkCupid Version

The Players: myself, Rose, The Scientist, The Scientist’s Girlfriend The Background: I used to work with Rose at the toy store. I’ve gone on several dates with The Scientist. The Scientist is poly and has a primary partner, his Girlfriend. All four of us are on OkCupid. The Sitch: After my first date with The [...]
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Something. Anything. Nothing.

I brush my teeth too hard, intentionally drawing blood. I gag myself while brushing my tongue. Anything to feel something. Something to feel anything. The water in the shower is way too hot. It scalds me, turning my skin bright red. I don’t turn it down. Anything to feel something. Something to feel anything. I [...]
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Stay Classy, NY Post

From a piece entitled, “Vivien ‘Lay,’ scarlet woman:*” Two-time Oscar winner Viven Leigh, the iconic Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone With The Wind,” was a hot mess off-screen — a slutty bisexual who battled mental illness for most of her adult life, an explosive new biography claims. So what have we learned today, class? Bisexuality is [...]
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