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Today, I’m Angry

I’ve been DVRing Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew, and I’ve finally pushed “Play” on the first five episodes. It’s amazing. Seriously, intense and amazing. It’s one of the most real things I’ve ever seen on TV, and I’m actually having some pretty intense reactions to it. Sadness, for the people on the show and for [...]
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All I Want Is…

Dear Babeland, All I want for the holidays is a Jimmy Jane Form 6! I really, really want this sex toy because it’s pretty, and waterproof, and rechargable, and pretty much everything awesome rolled into one sex toy! Plus, it comes in pretty colors like blue, plum, and black. I’m especially deserving of this sexy toy [...]
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Master of His Own Domain: Nexus Gyro

This is the first of a weekly post I plan on men’s sex toys and kink. Men REALLY got a raw deal with evolution and the possibilities for non-partnered orgasms. Vibrators seem to do a lot for women but that sensation does little for me. There just are not a lot of sex toys that [...]
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Book Club: God Is Not Great

Molls over at Neamhspleach had mentioned wanting to start a cyber book club of sorts. It just so happened that I owned, and had not yet read, the book that they chose to read the first month, so I decided to join in. I’m also trying to read more, and having a deadline and people [...]
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The Devil’s Waterpik

Sex, for me, is SO NOT about getting off. When I masturbate I typically like to extend it out as long as possible, hours most often. I find that the resulting orgasm is much more pleasurable and the long ride there quite satisfying. The same goes for sex with another individual. My satisfaction is not [...]
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Product Review: Liberator Fascinator Throe

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but I’m a squirter (SHOCKING, right?). And as I may have mentioned, the longer I played with Master, the more comfortable I became with just letting go and coming. Add a Pure Wand to that, and I was making a huge fucking mess. It didn’t matter how many towels [...]
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Squirting is not without it’s casualties. Filthy sheets, cum covered toys, sweaty backs and exhausted bodies. So fucking worth it. I have slept soundly in many carnage filled sites that we created together, as the one below, quite contently (Yes, I will take the wet spot, not that it is easy to avoid). Afterward we [...]
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More Talk About Squirting

I’m not the only person that wrote a reaction post to the EW GROSS SQUIRTING post from the other day. AAG wrote a post giving examples of an “opinion piece” and “satire,” both of which the offensive post was called. Ask Garnet has written In Defense of Squirting. Sarahbear has written On Sex Education and [...]
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Hi, My Name Is Britni, And I Come Buckets

After yesterday’s bruhaha, I started thinking. No, I don’t think I overreacted to the post in question at all. But I definitely had a very strong reaction to it, and there’s a reason for that. I’ve been meaning to write about my relationship with, and evolution of, squirting for some time, and I think that [...]
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Sex Negativity Grosses Me Out

Those of you that follow me on Twitter may have noticed my outrage last night regarding a post on Toy With Me about squirting. I tweeted: So what was it that got my panties all in a twist about this piece? Well, I’m not sure where to even begin. How about with the title, Squirting [...]
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