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How Soon Is Too Soon?

How soon is too soon to sleep with someone? Recently, I was complaining to a male friend of mine that I have a really hard time finding decent men. Especially ones that wanted to do normal things like take me out on a date or even be seen in public with me. He asked me [...]
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Not The Best Way To Start A Conversation

On my Match profile, I mention the book Sperm Wars as one of my favorite books. If anyone has ever read the book, they will know that it is not erotica and is actually about the science of sex and how and why our bodies respond and behave the ways that they do. It takes [...]
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Size Queen

Penises (though I still think it should be “penii”) come in many shapes and sizes. So do vaginas. I firmly believe that for every woman who thinks a certain man is too small, there exists a woman with a smaller vagina who would find him to be just perfect. And, of course, for every woman [...]
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To A Tee

All of my worst qualities: I am definitely tactless, outspoken, and blunt, though I think all of those things kind of go hand in hand. As for irresponsible? Yup. Overly critical? Oh, hell yeah. But blindly optimistic I definitely am not. I am a pessimistic, glass-is-half-empty kind of gal. I always find reading the qualities [...]
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Offensive? You’re Goddamn Right!

Margaret Cho is my idol. If I could meet anyone in the world, I would want to meet her. She has more balls, more sass, and more brains than I could ever hope to possess. Not only that, she stands up for those who are constantly put down in our society. Her show, The Cho [...]
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What’s Purple and Orange and Awesome All Over?

My new hair! Check it, yo: Fun, right? What do y’all think?
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G.I. Britni: To Inform and Protect

Okay, so apparently I’m on a “design animated models that are supposed to look like me on the internet” kick this week, and here is my latest one. G.I. Jonny is an HIV/AIDS information and prevention website, and you can make your own G.I action figure, complete with super powers. Here is mine: I got [...]
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Run On (and On and On)

So, tell me, would you go out with a guy that sent you a message like this: morning sweetie wow your still up at 230 where in hollywood are u did u sleep while the storm came thru kisses Hi. It’s called punctuation. Use it.
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Kiss The Rain

There has been a little bit of rain in Florida lately, and rain always makes me a happy girl. Rain is so beautiful, calming, and rhythmic and I’m completely at peace when I can hear it pitter pattering on my window. But the best thing about it is how hot it is to make out [...]
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A Tribute To The Olympics

In honor of the Olympic Games, I thought that I would pay tribute to my favorite sport, with a little help from the creative minds at Durex. So, who wants to play?
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