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Vadge Wigs

It would be wrong for me not to feature this Vice Fashion photo shoot called “Merkin’ Around,” seeing as I’m “Britni TheVadgeWig,” and all. If you ever wondered where the “VadgeWig” part of my name came from, I guess now is a good time to tell you! I used to be a very active commenter [...]
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If It Makes You Happy

I would like to commend Armani Exchange, because the homepage of their website looks like this right now (click to embiggen): ZOMG. A Valentine’s Day campaign that isn’t heteronormative! Sure, there’s a heterosexual couple, but, look! There’s a gay couple and a lesbian couple, too! Because, guess what? Love comes in many different varieties, and [...]
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Gender Fuck

Please allow me to blow your mind for a second. The last preview for V Magazine‘s size issue has been released and OH. MY. GOD. It is gender fuckery at it’s finest. This shoot is fucking amazing. I have nothing to add. It’s perfect.
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Merry Christmas, from Lady Gaga

To all those celebrating today, Merry Christmas! For your listening pleasure, I present Lady Gaga’s Christmas song, “Christmas Tree” (lyrics below (I’ve bolded the awesome parts), and no, I am not kidding): “Ra pa pam pam, ra pa pam pamRa pa pam pam, ra pa pam pam Light me up put me on top, let’s [...]
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Lady Gaga Changes Her Tune

Earlier this week, I posted a clip in which Lady Gaga makes some very important and valid points about double standards that are very much in line with feminist ideals, yet balks at actually adopting the label “feminist.” Amy sent me an article in which she changes her tune regarding the label “feminist.” From the [...]
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Enjoy the Crazy

Please, enjoy the crazy. I can’t get enough of it. “I want your ugly, I want your disease, I want your everything As long as it’s free.”
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Vagina Crafts

I typed the word “vagina” into Etsy, just to see what would come up. The result was an entire array of vagina inspired crafts. Vagina sculpture: Super hero uterus plushie: Vagina/reproductive system panties: Virgin Mary vagina: Vagina finger puppet: Necklaces made to look like your own vagina: Holiday themed vagina necklace: Orchid inspired vagina necklace: [...]
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Return of the Purple Hair

I mentioned in my last Wardrobe Malfunction post that I was starting to feel a little too normal. I felt like I had lost the essence of me. And so I decided that it was time to resurrect the purple hair. I fucking love it. Can you tell?
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This Is Why I Love My Friends

Molls IMed me tonight with this gem: It’s things like this that remind me why we’re friends.
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Conversations With My Mom

Mom: “So how was your weekend in Dallas? What did you do?”Me: “We ate really good food all weekend! And we went to a sex toy store Thursday night, a strip club Friday night, and a lesbian club Saturday night.”Mom: “Did your friends want to go to these places or were they trying to make [...]
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