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Wardrobe Malfunction: Punctuation and Feathers

One thing I really appreciate about my job is that they allow me to maintain and express my individuality. I’m allowed to have visible tattoos and piercings, dye my hair, and wear whatever I want as long as it’s within dress code. This means nothing too revealing, no jeans except for Fridays, and no flip [...]
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Medication Diaries: Entry 7

I’ve been on the Nuvaring for approximately 7 months now. I’ve had no side effects and my periods have returned to the moderate flow and minimal cramps that I had on every other birth control besides the Seasonique. As long as I remember to set reminders on my phone, I have no problem remembering when [...]
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Your Daily Dose of Rage

I’ve had my issues with Jezebel for some time now. The quality of their posting as been in a massive state of decline for quite awhile now, their unwillingness to allow themselves to be labeled a “feminist” site despite expressing explicitly feminist views is infuriating, and oftentimes there is a lack of race consciousness combined [...]
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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone (or at least all my American readers)! I hope that however you’re celebrating and whoever you’re celebrating with is wonderful and not too stressful. My family is in Florida, so I won’t be spending Thanksgiving with them, but my mother will be flying up this weekend for her first visit since I [...]
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I can’t really explain what it is about my relationship with Jesus that makes it so fantastic. I mean, he’s sexy, has chest hair, is great in bed, makes me laugh, likes to cuddle, and treats me like gold, but these should be givens in any relationship. These are the things I should expect out [...]
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A(nother) Case for Comprehensive Sex Ed

I’m not quite sure how I followed a link to Tr├ĘsSugar, but I noticed a column at the top of the page that said, “Sunday Confession: I Have Herpes.” I clicked, pleasantly surprised to see what I expected to be a column that attempted to destigmatize herpes. What I read was this: I have genital [...]
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Sexy Gifts Are The Best Gifts

Babeland is currently running a contest that allows people to win a product of their choice from their Sexy Holiday Gift Guide. There are some fuckin’ awesome toys on the list, but I’d like to win the Cobra Libre. It looks reallyreally cool and I haven’t read many (if any) reviews of it yet. Plus, [...]
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Things You Can Do With Silicone Lube (Besides Have Sex)

Silicone lube is TOTALLY multi-purpose. I continue to find new and fantastic uses for it.  AAG agrees that there’s nothing silicone lube can’t do. I mean, with silicone lube you can: Give a back massage Polish leather Smooth hair frizz Fix a squeaky hinge Get a taper through your ear Oil up a Slip n’ [...]
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Follow Up: Domestic Violence on MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’

A while back, I had written about the double standard regarding domestic violence and violence in general when a female is the perpetrator, and used an episode of Teen Mom as the catalyst for the post. Therefore, I was surprised, but nicely surprised, to hear that Amber, the perpetrator of said violence, has actually been [...]
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Wardrobe Malfunction: Workin’ It

On the last Wardrobe Malfunction that I posted including a work outfit, Lilly commented that it didn’t look as casual to her as I had suggested it was, so I decided to post a more typical work outfit. Please excuse the oil stain on the front of my skirt. I had a small accident involving [...]
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