Your Daily Dose of Rage

I’ve had my issues with Jezebel for some time now. The quality of their posting as been in a massive state of decline for quite awhile now, their unwillingness to allow themselves to be labeled a “feminist” site despite expressing explicitly feminist views is infuriating, and oftentimes there is a lack of race consciousness combined with hints of classism and ableism (most likely due to the lack of diversity among the staff there. Take a look at the people writing (most of) the content for Jez. Notice anything?*). There’s also some other crap that isn’t worth getting into right now.

Then they went and posted this.

Go read that. Try to control the rage you’re feeling right about now.

But don’t worry, the editor has something to say!

“I am sorry that so many of you find it personally disturbing; that was never the intention.”

I’m sorry, but WHAT THE FUCK DID THEY THINK the response was going to be? Are they unaware of the fact that the majority of their readers are feminist females? Have they never read the comments section of their own blog? Because if you’ve read the comments section of even ONE post on Jez that concerns rape or consent, you know that this post would cause massive outrage.

But! Before you get all FEMINIST HULK SMASH! over there, please go read this. And then, read this. And also, read this. And start to feel your rage subside and your breathing return to normal as you realize that rational people still exist on the interwebz.

*Here’s a hint: how many relatively young, white, heterosexual, cisgendered, able-bodied, conventionally attractive females do you see**? How many women of color, size, disability, gender-variant presentation, or any other non-majority group do you see? Yeah. Hey Jezebel, there’s this thing called “diversity.” You might want to look into it.

**I’m also aware that some of these things are not things that you can tell just by visually looking at someone, but I’m also using information gathered from reading many, many posts on the site as a reference for the identity(ies) of the authors.

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