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“Children should be allowed to express themselves in whatever way they wish without anybody judging them.”

I’m not the biggest fan of Angelina Jolie. I liked her a lot earlier in her career, but since she’s gone all “Mother Teresa,” I’ve found her to be irritating and a little pretentious. However, recently, she’s earned major points with me with her statements regarding the way her daughter Shiloh dresses. The press has [...]
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You know what’s fucking horseshit? Treating people differently based on race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, or anything else. Treating people as “less than” because of something about who they are. And Teen Vogue has done just that by asking “Is a gay best friend the new must-have accessory?” The must-have items for her fashionista classmates [...]
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I’m Here, I’m Queer

“Can I ask you a question?” “Um, sure.” I just met you half an hour ago. What could you possibly have to say to me? “Are you a lesbian?” “No. I’m queer.” “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.” No shit. Thanks for your approval/tolerance/reassurance! Then I got a text from someone else in the room. [...]
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Adventures in Packing, Or, Product Review: Mr. Limpy

I’ve wanted a packing cock for a while now. I love gender fuckery in all its forms, and have always loved the thought of wearing my very feminine clothing with a cock packed underneath it. So, when gave me the chance to review a Mr. Limpy, I was psyched. Adventures in Packing: Day 1 [...]
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The Most Amazing Speech in the History of TV Speeches

Mike O’Malley has done a surprisingly amazing job playing the father of Kurt, the gay character on Glee. He’s supportive and wonderful, even though he doesn’t quite understand him. They get some of the most touching scenes on the show. But this scene, from this week’s Gaga episode? Had me sobbing. More of this on [...]
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Ego Boost

You know it’s not going to go well when his first message to you is this: I hope you won’t take this wrong, but I LOVE bisexual hipsters (not for the reason you think), and you are a beautiful example. if you do take offense, just call me old and I’ll slink away… Now, I’m [...]
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The Problem With “Straight Pride”

There were “Straight Pride” t-shirts on sale at a Tea Party rally. And the people that have designed and distributed these shirts are moronic, and are taking something that minorities use as a way of claiming/reclaiming their identities, and misconstruing what the entire point of “pride” is. “Pride,” as used in this context, exists as [...]
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To all the kick ass, beautiful, fierce femmes…

Sinclair Sexsmith posted this on his blog, and I had to repost it here. It made me cry. Sob, actually. This is Ivan E. Coyote speaking at this year’s Speak Up! I want to thank Ivan for his words, because it’s true. We do often feel invisible and unnoticed. And it’s also true that we [...]
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Glee-fully Gay

It should come as no surprise that I love Glee. I mean, come on. It’s the gayest fucking show on television. PLUS! Singing! And it’s fuckin’ funny, man! But there was one joke (very subtle, very sly joke), one reference (very subtle, very sly reference) that I really loved, because it reflected me. Before you [...]
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On Heterosexual Privilege

Queen_George wrote a (very personal) post the other day, and my comment went off on a tangent that I decided I needed to turn into my own post. Interestingly enough, it’s something I’ve found myself talking about with people a lot recently. It involves privilege, namely heterosexual privilege. On Queen_George’s post, I said [sic]: I [...]
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