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Cuntiness Loves Company

TheWaterGirl, Molls, and I frequently get bored and work and we GChat ourselves silly. We took it upon ourselves to translate and make baseless assumptions about the people being auctioned off at the Make-A-Wish event with my new friend (and no, you will get no hints as to his identity!). We will start with the [...]
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Wardrobe Malfunction: Beatles and Blue Jeans

It’s a casual day, and even the lighting in the rooms that seem to have good lighting sucks. I’m beginning to think that I need a new camera. I am wearing: Xhilaration skinny acid washed, 80s-inspired jeans from Target Guys Beatles Revolver t-shirt from Target Blue belt from Forever 21 Blue plaid flats from Target Star [...]
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I Have A "Dream Date"

I was set up on a blind date last week and have been out with the guy a few times now. I like him, and we are taking things slowly. He is the most beautiful specimen that I have ever seen. Like, ever. He is the kind of guy I would never go for, 1) [...]
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Yeah, What She Said

“I write about sex, not love. What do I know about love?” -Carrie Bradshaw
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I continue to hate American advertising when I see commercials like this.
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Whatever Helps You Sleep At Night

My 26-year-old gay boy (who likes to think that 26 is so old and being single at 26 means that he is an old maid) has starting fucking his 19-year-old “straight” neighbor. Gay Boy claims it is the best. sex. he’s ever. had. But, don’t forget that the kid is “straight.” The best part about [...]
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How Not To Pick Up A Chick

While sitting at bar, an older swinger couple (no, not this one) approached me and began a conversation. After a few minutes, the man looked down at my feet and said, “You have nice ankles for binding.” Worst pick up line ever? Or just the creepiest? I mean, I’m all for being bound, but maybe [...]
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Cyber Sex is Gr8

After having a good friend of mine from high school attempt to have unsolicited cyber sex with me on Facebook chat, I was completely repulsed and freaked out. So. weird. I was telling a friend about it, and going into far too much detail. My friend finally had to say, “Look, dude. This conversation has [...]
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