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Chow Box

I have an insane craving to eat vagina. That is all.
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Did Not Njoy

I have heard nothing but fabulous things about njoy toys. The toy that I have heard the most raves about is the Pure Wand.Now, I love love love g-spot stimulation, and my curved glass toys have been fantastic in this respect. I figured that if the glass was great, the sleek and heavy stainless steel [...]
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Isn’t It Ironic?

Bartender and I sat down recently to have a talk about some things, as there is a lot going on in his life right now and some of those things put unwanted strain on our relationship. Nothing bad, just stuff that we needed to hash out and get off of our chests. One of my [...]
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Wardrobe Malfunction: Girls Night

I was on my way to a girls’ night (aka dyke night) at a club for the premiere of season 5 of The L Word. Hawt. I am wearing: Black zip up shirt/jacket/dress from Forever 21 Skull and crossbone footless tights Silver quilted BCBG ankle boots Pear necklace Silver necklace (from Bartender) Clear glittered bracelet [...]
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Purple Hair!

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Funky Spunk

The first penis I ever had in my mouth belonged to a boy named Dani (yes, his parents really spelled his name that way). I dated him for the first four months of my junior year of high school. In college he ended up being president of the hottest fraternity on his campus and every [...]
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False Advertisement

When you first meet me, or if you never get to know me very well, I come across as one of the most confident people you will ever meet. I am brash, outspoken, inappropriate, and willing to talk to anyone about anything. I am sarcastic, slightly caustic, and insanely cynical. But all of those things [...]
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Orgasms Through the Mail

Sooooo, my Hitachi arrivedand I must say, I LOVE IT. It’s intense and totally strong enough for me, which is quite a feat. And yay for not having to buy anymore batteries! I also replaced the glass that I left in Boston with the Luminous glass dildo. It’s so pretty! And curved! And bumpy! And [...]
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Wardrobe Malfunction: Floridian Winter

The temperature here has dropped to like 50 degrees, which means that I get to wear some things that resemble winter clothing. For most of you, I look more like I’m dressed for fall or early spring, but I’m in Florida where there are no seasons. I am wearing: Black cable knit beanie from Forever [...]
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Wardrobe Malfunction: Electric Blue

I wore this for a night out with the boys. I loved this outfit! I am wearing: Aqua 2×1 Rib Racerback Dress from American Apparel Dazzle Vest from Guess Black fishnets Black boots by Diba Silver earrings White bracelet (gift from my grandma) Clear sparkly bangle bracelet Silver and black spring bracelets Silver necklace (birthday [...]
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