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Rape Prevention Tips and Victim-Blaming

After yesterday’s post and epic comments section, Alana was inspired to make a video response. I’m closing comments here, and asking that any comments be directed to her blog instead, but I wanted to share the video because I always love what she has to say, and what she had to say was a little [...]
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While I may not participate anymore, I was one of the initial participants in HNT 5 years ago. I have my reasons for no longer participating, but I still support it whole-heartedly. A lot of the bloggers that I follow, who are fairly new to the blogging game, have begun participating in HNT. Which is [...]
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Creepy Alligator Comin’ All Around the Bend

After I dedicated a post about cats to Epiphora, Nell Gwynne requested a post dedicated to “baby ocelots, ladybugs, [or] baby alligators.” Maybe I’ll do one for each of them at some point, but for now, I’m gonna stick with baby alligators. Or “aggillators,” as I liked to call them as a child. You guys [...]
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A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement

When I was in college, I used to get free pedicures. This was clutch, because I was a broke ass bitch (some things never change, huh?) and couldn’t afford to pay for them, yet I love having pretty feet. So, how, exactly, did I manage this? Well, it’s easy. All you need is a friend [...]
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Bad Move, Eden Fantasys

Update: There have been more posts on this topic, if you care to read up on them. What the fuck, EdenFantasys? Problems with Eden Fantasys, Take Nine-Thousand A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Money, ethics, and real sex-positivity The Mamma Nazi Eden Fantasys: Not A Place I Trust Debacle Community Announcement: Contributor Leaving And, of [...]
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Safer Sex

I think that this comment deserves a post all it’s own to receive the answer. Half Pint says: “You rarely address the issue of safe sex. When you have sex with strangers, do you use a condom and/or dental dam? How often are you tested for STDs? What do you consider a “safe” amount of [...]
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Guest Post: Alana’s Story

Alana has asked if I would post the story of her rape, and I’m honored to do so. Show her some love and support, y’all. ******************************* As I sit here deleting and retyping words, I realize there’s no way pretty way to say I was raped. For years I wouldn’t even use the word “rape.” [...]
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Guest Post: Nell Gwynne

This is a guest post, courtesy of Nell Gwynne. ************************* On Tuesday night, my hands involuntarily shook for an hour and a half. I slept poorly, and my mood didn’t really improve until this evening. This was because I ran into a psychotic ex while getting fitted for a costume for a film I’m rehearsing [...]
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PSA: On Heterocentric Sex

A (lesbian) friend  and I were having a conversation the other day, when talk turned to scissoring (what?? It’s TOTALLY normal to have random conversations about scissoring with your friends!). Her: “Oh, I love the lesbian scenes in mainstream porn. I find it hysterical that people think we actually do that. I mean, DO GUYS [...]
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A conversation I had with my friend last night: “So guess why he hasn’t called me in a month?” “HE GAVE ME UP FOR LENT.” “hahahahahaha.” “That’s AMAZING.” “He said, ‘You’re supposed to give up the hardest thing for you to give up.’ Apparently, that was me.” “I was like, ‘so you expected to ignore [...]
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