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PSA: On Seduction, Part Deux

ATTENTION MEN: If you are trying to get me to sleep with you, telling me that you “have a pretty big one. Thick, too,” (repeatedly) is not the way to go about it. Not only do I not care how big your penis is, I a) shouldn’t know anything about it before I’ve actually gotten [...]
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PSA: On Seduction

ATTENTION MEN: when trying to seduce a woman, it is best not to remove your (hard) penis from the hole in your boxers and whip it around like a helicopter while yelling, “Woo! Woo!” This has been a Public Service Announcement. No, this has never happened to me on a first date before. Why do [...]
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Trans Health PSAs

Buck Angel, a trans male porn star, has released some awesome PSAs concerning trans health. The first one is his “Public Cervix Announcement,” and is geared towards transmen: This is the newest one, and is directed at transwomen. It stars the lovely Drew DeVeaux, who is one of my favorite queer porn performers (and happens [...]
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PSA: Vaginas Are Stretchy

Attention people (especially guys, because they seem to be guilty of this most often) that are grossed out by women sticking large objects in their vaginas: SHUT THE FUCK UP. Don’t be horrified by the size of the toy and please, don’t make comments about the woman getting “stretched out.” Because guess what? VAGINAS ARE [...]
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PSA: On Heterocentric Sex

A (lesbian) friend  and I were having a conversation the other day, when talk turned to scissoring (what?? It’s TOTALLY normal to have random conversations about scissoring with your friends!). Her: “Oh, I love the lesbian scenes in mainstream porn. I find it hysterical that people think we actually do that. I mean, DO GUYS [...]
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I am FUCKING SICK of products meant for women to change the look, smell, taste, and feel of their genitals. Beyond the basic hair removal and the porn aesthetic of hairless, petite, “cute,” vulvas and labia that are shoved in our faces, there are a plethora of other ways that you can fix those pesky [...]
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A Public Service Announcement

ATTENTION ALL MEN: Not every woman is capable of orgasming. Not every woman is capable of orgasming every time. Just because she does not have an orgasm does not mean she is not enjoying herself. Just because she doesn’t orgasm doesn’t mean that it doesn’t feel good. Just because she doesn’t orgasm does not mean [...]
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