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I have a bad habit of giving my number out to people when I’m drunk, and then having no clue who the fuck the number belongs to. Here are a list of people that I have stored in my phone, and no clue who the hell they are: Awesome Dude near beach Mike 1 Mike [...]
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Sexual Assault Treatment Fail

I just had an absolutely horrible experience at my local sexual assault treatment center. I’ve been having trouble finding a therapist that I like and I wanted someone that specialized in sexual assault and trauma because the main reason that I’m seeking help is because of my rape last year. The rape was the catalyst [...]
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My friend overdosed this weekend. They’re placing time of death sometime around Sunday night. His body was found Wednesday night, when they broke the door down because no one could get in touch with him. When I think of the scene, all I can think of is what it must have smelled like. I recently [...]
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Bloody Mary

I’ve been talking about bloody marys a lot recently. They’re one of my favorite drinks, and I make a pretty killer one. It’s taken some time for me to perfect my recipe, and one of the things that I’ve discovered is that everyone likes their bloody mary a little bit different. You start with the [...]
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“Polishing my social skills with one more drink and two more pills. I do not feel good; I thought by now I would.” -The Spill Canvas, Battles I feel like it wouldn’t be right to write another post without addressing the brouhaha that took place in the comments section of this post, not by directly [...]
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Take 2

We’re trying again. Today, I’m flying to spend the week with Profligacy. I’m not quite sure how well I packed, seeing as I packed drunk. I do know that I brought enough sex toys to keep the casts of several porn movies busy for a few weeks. I do not know how many logical and [...]
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I share a lot of personal information on my blog. A lot more than most people do. However, regardless of what I share here, the truth of the matter remains that you don’t know me. You don’t know the full details of my life; you know what I choose to share here, and via Twitter. [...]
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I Say Yes

“Here I come when I better go I say yes when I ought to say no… I get around.” I didn’t even have to turn around to know that he was there. He had a schedule; Monday, Thursday, and Saturday nights. He’d be there those nights without fail. He was a creature of habit. When [...]
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I Like Poisonous Mushrooms

Saturday night, Jo and her boyfriend and myself and Cape Boy decided to eat some shrooms. I hadn’t done them in almost two years, and I was very excited. The guy that we got them from, Drug Dealer, is a friend of ours, and he had tried them out before selling them to anyone. I [...]
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I Leave The Best Drunk Messages

Cape Boy just played a voicemail that he received from Drunk Britni (yes, Drunk Britni is different than regular Britni). It was left after I had already called 42 times and he had turned off his phone to try and go to sleep: “My finger is fucking bleeding, my ass fucking hurts, my friends fucking [...]
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