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Bacon is, quite possibly, the Best Food Ever. Bacon makes everything better. Seriously. Everything. Even food critics that have eaten every awesome thing in the world have a weakness for bacon. Chicken fried bacon, which sounds like the most amazing thing ever. Especially with the cream gravy. I need to find a way to eat [...]
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Bloody Mary

I’ve been talking about bloody marys a lot recently. They’re one of my favorite drinks, and I make a pretty killer one. It’s taken some time for me to perfect my recipe, and one of the things that I’ve discovered is that everyone likes their bloody mary a little bit different. You start with the [...]
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Crazy Dough’s Pizza

One of the restaurants that I miss most now that I am no longer in Boston is Crazy Dough’s Pizza. Crazy Dough’s isn’t just regular pizza, though they have that on the menu. Crazy Dough’s is exactly what it sounds like: absurd pizzas that you would never think to make or eat, but that are [...]
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My Version of Pickle Pasta

After posting earlier today about pickles and stumbling across the recipe for pickle pasta, I decided that I needed to have some. Plus, it appeared to be something that even I could make, and I’m cooking challenged. I rummaged around the kitchen, and it turns out that we had everything I needed to make it [...]
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I have discovered that Pringles now comes in Dill Pickle flavor. I must try these. I do not know where to get this miraculous food item, but I WILL find them. Lay’s also makes Dill Pickle Flavored chips. Why I have never seen them, I do not know. I DO know that it makes me [...]
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Late Night Snack

I just stuffed my face (not with cock) and chowed down (not on vagina). In the course of an hour, I ate a bowl of rice and veggies, a bag of Fritos Scoops and chili cheese dip, 4 bread and butter rolls, and a bowl of popcorn. And now I’m gonna go to sleep. Eating [...]
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Food Porn: Burgers

I am watching Build A Better Burger III on The Food Network and am DYING for a gourmet burger. These burgers look SO GOOD, and I am drooling over them. There are two categories: beef burgers and alternative burgers, which are made from anything other than beef. Born in Berkeley Burgers (winning beef burger): Paella [...]
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Cock Soup

If you’re ever hungry for a steaming hot bowl of spicy cock flavored soup, it’s your lucky day! Cock soup sounds so much more appealing that chicken soup, doesn’t it?
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Things I Like

Bacon Mayonnaise Pickles Olives Popcorn Vodka Buy me those, and I am a happy, happy girl.
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