I Like Poisonous Mushrooms

Saturday night, Jo and her boyfriend and myself and Cape Boy decided to eat some shrooms. I hadn’t done them in almost two years, and I was very excited. The guy that we got them from, Drug Dealer, is a friend of ours, and he had tried them out before selling them to anyone. I usually eat about three quarters of an eighth, and everyone else usually eats a full eigth, but Drug Dealer told us that he ate a gram and a half and was tweaking out. We trust Drug Dealer and so we ate less than we normally would. Unfortunately, Jo’s trip wasn’t kicking in as fast as the rest of us were so she ate some more. This ended up being too much, which is unfortunate, but the first few hours of her trip before the extra shrooms kicked in were awesome. I will only talk about the awesomeness and not about her tweaking out, because that was not fun for any of us, and no one wants to hear a story about something that wasn’t fun.

I was the first one to trip. I didn’t like tripping by myself so I hid under a blanket until I was sure that everyone else was tripping, too. So, here’s a summary of the things that I decided that I liked/didn’t like and things that were good/bad while tripping.

Things I Like/Things That Were Good

  • Touching (everything and everyone)
  • Apollo Sunshine
  • laying on the floor (I was on top of Cape Boy and we became “one person”)
  • V8 Splash
  • Jo’s pants
  • being naked and touching things (namely Cape Boy)
  • Sublime

Things I Don’t Like/Things That Were Bad:

  • The bathroom (that was a bad room)
  • Cape Boy wearing all white (he reminded me of the bathroom and I made him change. I would not let him “into my trip” until he changed)
  • my army green pants (they were ugly)
  • my hair (it was falling in my face and I wanted everyone to take it away)
  • my hands
  • an elephant mask
  • anyone outside the apartment
  • one of the singers for 311 who dances badly (I named him The Dancing Guy and got upset when he was on stage (we were watched a 311 DVD))
  • my face running (my eyes and nose would not stop running and I was begging everyone to “make my face stop running” and to “feel… see! It’s wet! Make it stop!”)

While coming down from the trip, Cape Boy and I got into my bed. This led to the part about getting naked and touching things. Before this happened, I went into Jo’s room and told her and her boyfriend that I was going to get naked and touch things. They told me to have fun. Cape Boy and I had no intention of having sex. We just wanted to get naked and touch each other. But as soon as we were naked, sex just kind of happened. I had the MOST. INTENSE. ORGASM. EVER. It was at least two minutes long and after I finished, I made Cape Boy get off of me because I was fucking dead. Absolutely amazing.

I will try to get you the picture that Jo took of me while we were tripping, and her words after taking the picture were, “You have never looked so beautiful. You are gorgeous.” Clearly she was lying, but that’s what drugs do, I guess.

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