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Hostage Situation

The trailer for the new Jennifer Aniston/Gerard Butler movie The Bounty Hunter makes me angry, and really, really uncomfortable (trailer starts at about 00:27): You know what’s hysterical? Picking up your ex-girlfriend and throwing her in a trunk, and hanging up on her when she calls you from said trunk crying because you “know her [...]
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Product Review: Pink Water

I am really, really picky when it comes to lubricants. In fact, there are very few water-based lubricants that I like, and therefore, I’m always looking for a good one. Pink Water, luckily, I enjoy very much. And considering I hardly ever like lube, that’s saying a lot. While I would prefer just to use [...]
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Master of His Own Domain: Mojo vs. Nojo

I have felt rather uninspired about my job as of late.  My work has always been a rather large part of ‘who’ I considered myself to be, perhaps too much so.  Twenty-two years with the same company, I had risen through the ranks and taken on some remarkable positions that I am quite proud of.  [...]
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I’m Getting Around

I’ve started contributing to Fascinations as a sex ed writer, and have my first two pieces up. I’ve written a piece on safer oral sex, and one on talking to your partner about getting tested. Go check them out!
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Sexual Violence and Rape On Postsecret

I love Postsecret, because as heartbreaking as it can be, it’s such a good reminder that you are not alone in your struggles and your pain and your experiences. And sometimes, that’s enough.
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On Privilege

ETA: Please read Nadia West’s response to the privilege discussion, because it’s fantastic, and far more articulate than I could ever be. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of privilege, you can read about white privilege, male privilege, and heterosexual privilege. Champagne and Benzedrine wrote a lovely little post about privilege, and how it’s [...]
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I’ve Moved!

As you can see, I’ve moved to my own domain, with the help of the fantastic Epiphora. It’s still a work in progress, as I’ve yet to find a template that I like, and I still don’t have my blogroll back up my blogroll is only partially back up. If you think you should be [...]
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We Don’t Need No Education?

Sex education is severely lacking in this country. We know this. But it’s not just sexual knowledge that we miss out on when we have poor sex ed. We also miss out on knowledge about our bodies and how our sexual organs work and function. For men, most of their junk is right out there [...]
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Hung Like A 9-Year-Old

In fantastically coincidental timing, the day after I post about how we shouldn’t shame men for having a small penis, Hailey Glassman does one of the most disgusting, classless, unnecessary things that anyone could do. She continually talks about how small Jon Gosselin’s penis is. And she doesn’t just mention it in passing in the [...]
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Dramatic Eclectic

I took a quiz about my personal decorating style. Here were my results: Britni, you are a DRAMATIC ECLECTIC You have wide-ranging interests and influences, and so appreciate a mix of styles, periods, and objects. You would never dream of using matching suite of furniture or could stand a home that seemed cookie-cutter. You are [...]
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