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On Nudity

A coworker of mine went on a cruise last week with her husband and her 13-year-old (starting 8th grade) daughter. Her only complaint about the cruise was that there were “half naked bodies” in “family shows.” She said she felt that it was inappropriate for her daughter to see performers (of the Las Vegas showgirl [...]
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I Saw Myself Reflected

I watched her in the mirror across the room as she laid in her bed. The reflection was of a girl with disheveled hair and flushed cheeks. She was completely naked, cunt shaved bare and tiny nipples hard as rocks and pointing to the ceiling. There was a towel beneath her. Her legs were open, [...]
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Bad Bad Girl’s Anniversary Contest

So, the always awesome and beautiful and sexy and eloquent Bad Bad Girl is having a KICK ASS anniversary contest. No, seriously. Check it out. You should enter. And there’s a couple ways to do so. Drawings How to get an entry (you can do both):1. Post the details of the contest on your blog, saying [...]
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Just To Fuck

She came over just to fuck, she said. There is a reason I like her, after all. She’s wearing a dress. She never wears dresses. It’s for easier access, she tells me. I push her up against her truck and kiss her, hard. Her mouth opens to welcome my tongue and lips to hers and [...]
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I get cold sores. You know, the herpes simplex virus. My dad’s always gotten them, and my mom has a strain of it as well, but I didn’t get my first one until about 6 months ago. But what a fucking cold sore it was. It wouldn’t go away, even with Abreva, and I even [...]
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On Marriage and Monogamy

I’m not sure whether it’s the institution of marriage or the concept of monogamy that baffles me, or if it’s both of these things or a combination of these things. Humans are not biologically programmed to mate for life. Long-term, yes. Life? Probably not. The institution of marriage and the concept of monogamy are societal [...]
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Product Review: Clover Clamps

I’m way behind on my reviews, so you’re going to see a ton of reviews going up pretty close together. I will be trying to get actual writing in, too, so don’t fret! I’ve just got quite a few reviews to catch up on! There are two things that you must know about the Clover [...]
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Product Review: Tulip Plug

This review is copied and pasted from the one I wrote for Eden Fantasies. I’ve always had trouble enjoying anal penetration of any kind. Fingers, cocks, toys, you name it, I hated it. It hurt. No matter how much lube I used, how slowly I went, what I warmed up with, my ass just didn’t [...]
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Wardrobe Malfunction: Fabulosity Personified

I went out with coworkers for dinner and drinks last night and had a blast. Also, I looked freaking fabulous with my cute new dress and cute new hair. I am wearing: Purple, white, and black Nautical Stripe dress from Forever 21 Turquoise “Bonnie” shoes from Bakers Black, white, and silver necklace Long beaded necklace [...]
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Mission Accomplished

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