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I want to get these. They are the perfect way to end an argument, if you ask me. Simple, to the point, and cute as hell.
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In the few days since Jesus and I have started actively having sex again, our relationship has already become more intimate. We’re more affectionate, we cuddle more, we kiss more. He told me that he feels “giddy again.” It feels amazing, but at the same time it’s led us to some discussion. He recognizes how [...]
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The other morning, I woke up feeling the slight tingle of desire in my loins and ran with it before it disappeared again. I woke up Jesus, who says that his sleepy brain said, “What’s going on? Is she waking me up… for sexual purposes? OH MY GOD. RUN WITH IT, MAN! GO! GO!” And [...]
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If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

I’ve been woken up by a punch to the face. When I yell, he jumps up and says, “Sorry! I was trying to throw an arrow.” He rolls over and goes back to sleep. Another time, “a roundhouse kick” has hit me in the shin. I’ve been jolted awake by yelling in Russian (he’s fluent), [...]
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Walking vs. Driving

After another argument about our lack of sex, Jesus and I decided to sit down once again to talk about it. I told him that I’d been the one whose advances were always turned down before, and I know how bad it feels. I understand that it feels like something is wrong with you and that [...]
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An Offer I Can’t Refuse

I may be the luckiest woman in the world. My boyfriend is more understanding than I could ever have expected anyone to be. We’ve been having a total lack of sex lately, and it makes both of us feel like crap. He does everything he can not to push or pressure me or make me [...]
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Problem Solving

Lately, Jesus and I have not had much sex. This is in no way his choice. My sex drive has just completely disappeared.  Our desire discrepancy can really take a toll on our relationship. He becomes frustrated and often resentful, which is not how he wants to feel. He knows that I’m not choosing to [...]
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I want to write about some of the struggles that Jesus and I have regarding his addiction, and the role that it often plays in our relationship. Although 90% of the time our relationship is scarily wonderful and perfect, there’s 10% of the time when we have to deal with drug and/or alcohol use. It’s [...]
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Color Me Confused

Jesus is a Scorpio. I am a Sagittarius. Neither of us feels like we are characters in a Shakespearean play. In fact, we have no idea what this is even supposed to mean. Ideas?
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Jesus has been amazing in maintaining his sobriety from heroin. He’s done a better job than I ever expected him to do. After I gave him the ultimatum at the end of November that he stops using or he loses me, his heroin addiction has been a non-existent worry. He got a Suboxone prescription and [...]
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