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Relationships of any kind come down to needs. Are the needs that you want met by the sort of relationship you’re in being met by that relationship? And if the answer is no, it’s time to move on. This goes for romantic relationships, friendships, workplaces, and any other kind of relationship that we can have [...]
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Mission Accomplished

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As Of 11 AM…

…my progress is how many orgasms? Yes, that says 64. 64 orgasms since 8:30 PM Tuesday night. My cunt both hates and loves me right now.
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Access Granted

My dislike of and inability to enjoy anal penetration has been discussed on this blog. And it sucks, because I’ve always really *wanted* to enjoy anal penetration. There is something totally hot about the dirtiness of being fucked in the ass. It’s a violation and there is such a raw, animalistic, primal passion involved. As [...]
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Challenge Update

An update on my progress: Only 34 more to go. Numbers 35 and 36 are on video (not for public consumption). My cunt is sore. My ass is sore. My nipples are sore. I’m totally out of it and sleepy, but content. And I will continue in the morning. By the way, a special thanks [...]
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The Great American Challenge

If you all remember, I had asked all of you kind people for pictures of your tits a little while back, and received rewards based on the number of pictures I received. I was rewarded with 28 orgasms in 24 hours, one for each individual breast. As I told you, I completed 24 of those. [...]
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Wardrobe Malfunction: Slut

I had a date with Threesome Girl, and I was quite excited. He gave me instructions: “Dress like the slut that you are. Send pictures.” And so I did. I am wearing: Mini dress from a small boutique Black Britlyn II heels from Bakers Black and brown necklace from my mom Circular black earrings It [...]
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Most of you, if you follow me on Twitter or if you can put two and two together, have figured out that I have (fairly) recently acquired a Dom*. Well, it would probably be more accurate to say that He has acquired me.  His birthday was yesterday, and I made Him a video. It was [...]
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…is logging onto Twitter and seeing this tweet: It made me proud!
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If any of my (female) readers would be willing to send me pictures of their tits, I would be forever grateful. I have a new “friend” and He will reward me for each picture of tits that I receive. No names will be revealed so it would be completely anonymous. I know I have a [...]
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