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If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

I’ve been woken up by a punch to the face. When I yell, he jumps up and says, “Sorry! I was trying to throw an arrow.” He rolls over and goes back to sleep. Another time, “a roundhouse kick” has hit me in the shin. I’ve been jolted awake by yelling in Russian (he’s fluent), [...]
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I Swear I’m Not Dead!

I apologize profusely for the radio silence on the blog lately. Work is stressful and exhausting, and Jesus and I were preparing to move. Not only that, when we didn’t have our own place, it was difficult for me to find blogging or computer time, as Jesus would get bored just sitting there by himself. [...]
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Today should have been awesome. Last night, Jesus and I stayed in. I made us matzoh ball soup, we watched “Dead Like Me” on Netflix, we took a nice long bath with one of my Lush bath bombs, we had sex, we went to bed early, and we woke up before 11 without a hangover. [...]
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The other day, I asked my clients to write down what it means to them to be strong. Then, if they chose, they could share what they had written with the group. I was blown away by the insight and intelligence of these women, and how many of them dug beyond the standard or expected [...]
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I apologize for the fact that this post is all over the place. I’m having trouble really getting my thoughts down in any kind of eloquently coherent manner. I also want to preface this by saying that any mean, rude, or generally unsupportive comments will be immediately deleted and not tolerated. I don’t know why [...]
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Medication Diaries: Entry 7

I’ve been on the Nuvaring for approximately 7 months now. I’ve had no side effects and my periods have returned to the moderate flow and minimal cramps that I had on every other birth control besides the Seasonique. As long as I remember to set reminders on my phone, I have no problem remembering when [...]
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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone (or at least all my American readers)! I hope that however you’re celebrating and whoever you’re celebrating with is wonderful and not too stressful. My family is in Florida, so I won’t be spending Thanksgiving with them, but my mother will be flying up this weekend for her first visit since I [...]
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Something. Anything. Nothing.

I brush my teeth too hard, intentionally drawing blood. I gag myself while brushing my tongue. Anything to feel something. Something to feel anything. The water in the shower is way too hot. It scalds me, turning my skin bright red. I don’t turn it down. Anything to feel something. Something to feel anything. I [...]
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Medication Diaries: Entry 6

When hooking up with a new partner for the first time, it’s best to warn them about your Nuvaring beforehand so that they don’t start fingering you and ask, “Um… what’s in your vagina?”
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Medication Diaries: Entry 5

Well, it’s been a full month on both of my new prescriptions, and so far, so good. There’s nothing new to report on the Wellbutrin front. My symptoms have continued to improve, and I’ve had no negative side effects. I’m also really happy with my switch to the Nuvaring. It’s really convenient to not have [...]
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