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An Offer I Can’t Refuse

I may be the luckiest woman in the world. My boyfriend is more understanding than I could ever have expected anyone to be. We’ve been having a total lack of sex lately, and it makes both of us feel like crap. He does everything he can not to push or pressure me or make me [...]
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Problem Solving

Lately, Jesus and I have not had much sex. This is in no way his choice. My sex drive has just completely disappeared.  Our desire discrepancy can really take a toll on our relationship. He becomes frustrated and often resentful, which is not how he wants to feel. He knows that I’m not choosing to [...]
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“Wanna Do It?”

I can never hear the phrase, “Wanna do it?” anymore without my stomach turning. I once dated someone that, when he wanted to fuck, would look at me and ask, “Wanna do it?” in this really non-chalant way, and would then add, “You can sit on it if you want.” Oh, really? Can I? THANKS [...]
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Erogenous Zones: Head and Neck

Lilly is doing a sort of meme about different parts of the body as erogenous zones, and I thought I’d give it a shot. The first one is head and neck. My head is not really an erogenous zone for me, meaning that having my head rubbed or touched or scratched doesn’t turn me on. [...]
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The best thing about being a chick with an awesome rack that lives for nipple stimulation dating one of the biggest “tit guys” I’ve ever encountered is that EVERYBODY WINS ALL THE TIME. Playing with my tits gets me off. Playing with my tits gets him off. Like I said, everybody’s a winner in this [...]
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My Own Hands

The other night, Jesus and I had a bit of a tiff. After it was over, I immediately wanted to fuck. But he stopped me and said, “I’m sorry, but we were just fighting for 4 hours. That doesn’t exactly put me in the mood for sex.” I was flabbergasted. I was all, “But… but… [...]
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I used to think that I could only squirt with proper g-spot stimulation. Once I became used to squirting and knew what kind of stimulation caused it, I got really good at it. I could do it with less g-spot stimulation than I’d required before. I knew which pelvic muscles to flex to make it [...]
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If Jesus does not want to have to put up with me farting multiple times during sex, he may want to think twice before making me baked beans for dinner. Just sayin’.
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A(nother) Case for Comprehensive Sex Ed

I’m not quite sure how I followed a link to TrèsSugar, but I noticed a column at the top of the page that said, “Sunday Confession: I Have Herpes.” I clicked, pleasantly surprised to see what I expected to be a column that attempted to destigmatize herpes. What I read was this: I have genital [...]
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I saw this commercial for the first time the other day, and it bothers me on several levels. We have the man defining his “manhood” or “masculinity” based on his sexual prowess. He’s “The Man” because he’s good in bed and can give her orgasms (most likely through PIV sex, obvi). Yes, it’s great to [...]
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