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Just To Fuck

She came over just to fuck, she said. There is a reason I like her, after all. She’s wearing a dress. She never wears dresses. It’s for easier access, she tells me. I push her up against her truck and kiss her, hard. Her mouth opens to welcome my tongue and lips to hers and [...]
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Making Her Come

I was given a task: “Get someone off. Words, pictures, no video. Make her come. Tell me who.” Not 10 minutes after I received my task, my phone rang. It was the perfect person to help me complete my task. When I was finished, I let Him know. He wanted details. And so they were [...]
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Happy Together

I love when she’s in town. She makes me smile. And I do the same for her.
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One of Each

Friday night was a very good night. She is in town and came to my bar with me. I fucked her in the bathroom and it was amazing. I missed her like crazy and it’s been a really long time since I fucked a girl. Her kisses make me melt and she is so beautiful [...]
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It’s A Date

I finally told her how I felt. Me: “I know, me too. I always wish we could try things again. I wasn’t in the right place mentally the first time. I miss you every single day though.” Her: “I feel the same way. I reallllly liked you.” Me: “I know. I did too but I don’t [...]
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The text says, “I miss the little things.. the simple things.. everything about you.” It comes out of nowhere; she doesn’t even know that I am upset. She makes me feel beautiful and loved when no one else does. And she couldn’t be coming to visit at a better time. I just want to disappear [...]
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When I was dating her last summer, I told my mom that she was just a friend. I have come out to my mom in the past (actually, I was outed by an ex boyfriend, but that is a story for another day), but my mom firmly believes that bisexuality does not exist. She understands [...]
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We can touch, touch our girl cheeks,And we can hold hands like paper dolls.”-Ani DiFranco, The Whole Night She will be in town the whole weekend this time. I have to try hard to contain my excitement.
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If It Isn’t Her

“I didn’t really notice when everything else disappeared,But as far as I’m concerned, if it isn’t her, it isn’t here.” -Ani DiFranco She will be in town for the day and wants to have lunch. I will go, excitedly, because I miss her and can’t wait to see her. And touch her. And just be near her. She [...]
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