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Girlfriend of the Year

Upon learning that Alex Rodriguez has multiple paintings of himself as a centaur in his home, Jesus decided that he, too, needed one. As a gift to him for various things including getting off heroin and generally being awesome, I commissioned a painting from a good friend of ours. Behold: You’ll have to trust me [...]
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I want to get these. They are the perfect way to end an argument, if you ask me. Simple, to the point, and cute as hell.
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Our Humble Abode

Yesterday was our housewarming party at our new apartment, so I thought I’d share some pictures of our place. It will probably never be this clean again. The living room is my favorite room in the house right now. We got that couch on Craigslist for wicked cheap, and it’s beautiful (even though it feel [...]
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Material Happiness

I want to share some of the things that I’ve purchased lately that I love love love. Because I find so much of the stuff I buy through other people’s blogs, I figure maybe people will find something they like here! She Belongs There roll-on perfume. I absolutely love the name of this scent, and [...]
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Filled With Lust

So, I’ve already showed you the things I’m currently loving. Now I’m gonna talk about the things I’m currently lusting after. Many of these items will be clothing, or related to my apartment, as I’m still in the process of furnishing and decorating it. This set of retro flatware. My apartment is really brightly colored, [...]
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Things I’m Currently Loving

You know you’re blogging mojo has up and left you when you find yourself posting about random products. Or maybe that’s just me. Anywho, I thought I’d talk about some products I’ve recently acquired and am loving, whether because they’re uber functional or just plain pretty. Lush Cosmetics skincare products. I recently pampered myself and [...]
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Wardrobe Malfunction: Punctuation and Feathers

One thing I really appreciate about my job is that they allow me to maintain and express my individuality. I’m allowed to have visible tattoos and piercings, dye my hair, and wear whatever I want as long as it’s within dress code. This means nothing too revealing, no jeans except for Fridays, and no flip [...]
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Going back through my blog in the recent months, I notice how bitter and angry and ranty I’ve gotten. And that’s a huge part of who I am: bitter and angry and ranty. But I think that comes from being a passionate person, and I don’t want to give those things up. However, once upon [...]
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All I Want Is…

Dear Babeland, All I want for the holidays is a Jimmy Jane Form 6! I really, really want this sex toy because it’s pretty, and waterproof, and rechargable, and pretty much everything awesome rolled into one sex toy! Plus, it comes in pretty colors like blue, plum, and black. I’m especially deserving of this sexy toy [...]
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If I Had A Million Dollars

…or, you know, a couple thou. Polyvore is a time suck and a wonderful place to find all kinds of shit that you could never afford and never would have coveted because you didn’t know it existed until you saw it on the site. Like all these dresses: Items in this set. Sigh. However, you [...]
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