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Just What I Needed

I spent the week in my apartment, in my bed, curled up in a ball. I did absolutely nothing, aside from go to doctor’s appointments and the hospital. I held onto Jesus almost every minute of the day that I wasn’t asleep. I needed it, obviously. I was super sick from all the medication for [...]
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Wardrobe Malfunction: Cleaning House

I was in a goofy mood the other night and decided that I needed to wear fun clothing even though I was just sitting around cleaning the house. Jesus came home to find me doing dishes in this: Socks and dress, Target. Shoes, MICHAEL. Glasses, Fabulous Fanny’s. I plan on getting lenses put in these [...]
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Blame Jesus

So, this outfit was totes awesome, and once we got tipsy Jesus failed at photography. Dress: H&M. Fascinator (if one more person asks me if I PURPOSELY WORE IT TO CELEBRATE THE ROYAL WEDDING I may punch them: children’s boutique in Florida. Necklace: dunno. Blazer: H&M. Invisible shoes: purple satin flats, origin unknown. LOVE ME.
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Our Humble Abode

Yesterday was our housewarming party at our new apartment, so I thought I’d share some pictures of our place. It will probably never be this clean again. The living room is my favorite room in the house right now. We got that couch on Craigslist for wicked cheap, and it’s beautiful (even though it feel [...]
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Wardrobe Malfunction: Black and White All Over

This is me. This is what I wore to work today. This is 10 hours after I left for work. This is 5 glasses of wine after getting home. This is a small glimpse of our adorable new kitchen. But my outfit still rocks. I am wearing: Black and white dress from Target Punctuation tights [...]
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Wardrobe Malfunction: Valentine’s Day

So, I hung out at the bar while my boyfriend worked for Valentine’s Day. We went to a spectacular dinner earlier in the week, knowing he would be working The Day Of. I dressed up anyway. I am wearing: Tutu dress, present from Jesus, courtesy of Proxy clothing Faux leather jacket by Bebe Black faux [...]
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Wardrobe Malfunction: Festive

I spent the night of Christmas Eve in Jesus’ bar watching movies, drinking spiked hot chocolate, and blowing him in the DJ booth. I wore my most festive outfit (forgive the possessed look, thanks to the flash on Jesus’ iphone). I am wearing: Black and gray tie-dyed t-shirt, Target Purple tutu, H&M “Leather” jacket, Bebe [...]
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Wardrobe Malfunction: Big Foot

I finally got my snow boots, and they are absolutely ridiculous. In the best possible way, of course. I wore them today. They’re kind of hard to see in this picture, but you do get a small view of another part of my apartment. I am wearing: Gray v-neck sweater, Target Blue pencil skirt, Express [...]
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Wardrobe Malfunction: Punctuation and Feathers

One thing I really appreciate about my job is that they allow me to maintain and express my individuality. I’m allowed to have visible tattoos and piercings, dye my hair, and wear whatever I want as long as it’s within dress code. This means nothing too revealing, no jeans except for Fridays, and no flip [...]
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Wardrobe Malfunction: Workin’ It

On the last Wardrobe Malfunction that I posted including a work outfit, Lilly commented that it didn’t look as casual to her as I had suggested it was, so I decided to post a more typical work outfit. Please excuse the oil stain on the front of my skirt. I had a small accident involving [...]
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