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Tweets From Last Night

I have arrived safely in Dallas and enjoyed the fucking fantastic company of PrettyPrettyPrincess and Mixed last night. We quasi live-tweeted our night, and it was pretty fucking funny. There’s even more fun to come tonight!
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Wardrobe Malfunction: Slut

I had a date with Threesome Girl, and I was quite excited. He gave me instructions: “Dress like the slut that you are. Send pictures.” And so I did. I am wearing: Mini dress from a small boutique Black Britlyn II heels from Bakers Black and brown necklace from my mom Circular black earrings It [...]
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Making Her Come

I was given a task: “Get someone off. Words, pictures, no video. Make her come. Tell me who.” Not 10 minutes after I received my task, my phone rang. It was the perfect person to help me complete my task. When I was finished, I let Him know. He wanted details. And so they were [...]
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Gift From A Reader

A while back, I had wanted a “Fuck My Face” necklace, and a reader had been nice enough to gift me with one. In return, I sent him pictures of me wearing the necklace. He then sent me a picture of *my* picture, covered in evidence of just what he had done when he received [...]
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Product Review: Black Large Rubber Whip

I *thought* that I had posted this review months and months and months ago– like, February! It wasn’t until I requested a toy from Babeland that they asked where the review of this one was. So I went back into my archives and looked. The post *had* been written; it just had never been posted! [...]
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Domestic Violence Among the Trans Population

Last week, I gave a presentation at my work on DV in the trans community. I’ve talked a lot about DV in the queer community in general, and everyone that works with me knows that my population of interest/expertise/speciality is LGBTQ. In the short time that I’ve been there, I’ve been a huge advocate for [...]
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Most of you, if you follow me on Twitter or if you can put two and two together, have figured out that I have (fairly) recently acquired a Dom*. Well, it would probably be more accurate to say that He has acquired me.  His birthday was yesterday, and I made Him a video. It was [...]
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Advertising WIN

This comes up on my page every time I log onto AfterEllen. It’s for a lesbian cruise I think. Though I don’t really care *what* it’s advertising. It makes me smile.
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Wish List

Anal ToysRyder PlugPure PlugTulip PlugJeweled PlugRomp DildosAlumina RevolveSilk (large)FlingElevenCurve VibesGee Whiz Magic Wand AttachmentLittle ChromaGigiWahl 7 in 1G Twist BDSMUnder the Bed RestraintsStrict Leather Fur Lined Locking Restraints (wrist and ankle)Cuff ConnectorsPink Adjustable Spreader BarRubber PaddleLollipop CropAdjustable Tweezer Clamps LubeSliquid Sassy LubeLiquid Silk HarnessesJoque Spareparts HarnessCorset Harness Miscellaneous:Adult Toy BoxBig Foot CaseLiberator Throe
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Interesting Wishlist

Molls thinks that my wishlist is a little out of the ordinary. Wait… you mean not all girls want jewelry for their asshole or a pretty pink spreader bar to be bound to? You know, maybe I am a little out of the ordinary.
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