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Soooo, my lovely friend (and regular commenter… because y’all know I only have, like, 4 of you. Even though I know there are more of you reading. Speak up sometime, guys! I would love to hear from you!) TheWaterGirl has been lounging on the beach in Miami (a mere 45 minutes from me!) all weekend. [...]
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I Have A "Dream Date"

I was set up on a blind date last week and have been out with the guy a few times now. I like him, and we are taking things slowly. He is the most beautiful specimen that I have ever seen. Like, ever. He is the kind of guy I would never go for, 1) [...]
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I continue to hate American advertising when I see commercials like this.
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Whatever Helps You Sleep At Night

My 26-year-old gay boy (who likes to think that 26 is so old and being single at 26 means that he is an old maid) has starting fucking his 19-year-old “straight” neighbor. Gay Boy claims it is the best. sex. he’s ever. had. But, don’t forget that the kid is “straight.” The best part about [...]
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Cyber Sex is Gr8

After having a good friend of mine from high school attempt to have unsolicited cyber sex with me on Facebook chat, I was completely repulsed and freaked out. So. weird. I was telling a friend about it, and going into far too much detail. My friend finally had to say, “Look, dude. This conversation has [...]
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Two Becomes Three

This might be the coolest product I have ever seen. It is a harness that allows for double-penetration. It’s like having a threesome– with two people! The coolest thing about it is that it can be used with two women or with a man and a woman. The bottom ring acts as a cock ring [...]
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The Best Condom Commercial Ever

This reminds me of when I worked as a nanny and it was the best. birth control. ever. I wish they aired spots like this in the U.S. But, seeing as our country has a perpetual stick up its ass, it is unlikely that will ever happen.
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I am totally obsessed with this acronym I just discovered. “FABGLITTER” is an inclusive acronym for Fetish, Allies, Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Intersexed, Transgender, Transsexual Engendering Revolution. I am dumbfounded that during all of my work, research, and involvement in the queer community I never stumbled across it before. I found it while researching a bisexual [...]
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Say No More, Mon Amour

My brother spent a month in Europe and he brought me back a present. A condom that says “I ♥ Paris.” Does he know me or does he know me?
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School Work

I would just like to share that I turned in an autobiographical paper for school with this as the opening paragraph (no, seriously): My name is Britni XXXXX, and I am a severely open-minded, forever cynical 23-year old who thrives on meeting people who are true to themselves and lack any form of pretense whatsoever. [...]
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