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Why Do You Date Guys That Treat You Like Shit?

I was asked this question recently, and I’ve been thinking about the answer to it. Why do I date people that treat me like crap? Especially when I know that they treat me like crap and I know that I deserve better than that? I think that the answer is complicated, but I’m going to [...]
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A Leopard Doesn’t Change It’s Spots

CB and I had a rocky relationship. We were on and off for nearly two years. One of the first times that we were “off,” CB met Trollface (I would call her something different, but that’s what she was on my old blog. I don’t hate her anymore and now I feel sorry for her [...]
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This post will only be relevant to a select few readers. For those of you who have been with me long enough to remember CB, he just called me. I haven’t talked to him in about a year. Turns out he is going to be down here next week and wanted to know if I [...]
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I Like Poisonous Mushrooms

Saturday night, Jo and her boyfriend and myself and Cape Boy decided to eat some shrooms. I hadn’t done them in almost two years, and I was very excited. The guy that we got them from, Drug Dealer, is a friend of ours, and he had tried them out before selling them to anyone. I [...]
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I Leave The Best Drunk Messages

Cape Boy just played a voicemail that he received from Drunk Britni (yes, Drunk Britni is different than regular Britni). It was left after I had already called 42 times and he had turned off his phone to try and go to sleep: “My finger is fucking bleeding, my ass fucking hurts, my friends fucking [...]
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The Year In Review: 2005

I’ve seen these questions on a couple of blogs, and to tell you the truth, I really don’t have the energy to come up with an original and creative post right now due to the copious amounts of sex that I’ve been having. Therefore, I am stealing these. I will quickly tell you that I [...]
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Scary Announcement

I have a *BOYFRIEND*… I know I never say that, but it’s official. Cape Boy is my boyfriend. I don’t like to talk about it, but I’ll tell you guys. I’ll tell you the rest after New Year’s Eve tomorrow at his house when I meet all his friends… I’m petrified, but I’ll mangage. Love [...]
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I Have No Shame

An exchange of text messages that occurred earlier today: Cape Boy: “I just woke up from the best nap ever.”Me: “It would have been even better if I had been there to wake you up with a blow job.”Cape Boy: “You’re right, that would have been much better. Did I mention that you’re the coolest [...]
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Happy Fucking Birthday To Me

I decided I’d do a brief birthday synopsis becuase I know that all of you are just dying to know how it was. It was wonderful. Lesbian Co-Worker* and Hasbian Co-Worker** took me out for drinks. Most of my friends aren’t 21 yet, plus I don’t really like going out with large groups, so this [...]
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I Am Not Fun

Okay, fine. I will post a picture of my new haircut. It’s boring, but it’s all I’ve got for you. I’m off to the biblioteca to pull an all nighter studying for exams. Wish me luck! As I sit in the library studying, I’m bored, so I’m going to add a little more to this [...]
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