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How To Actually Buy The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift: Jewelry

I’m not into cliche jewelry. Diamonds and hearts and gold never really did it for me. However, I do love jewelry in general, and I do think it’s a great gift. These are some things that I like, and may work better and be a little more personal for your girl than some of the [...]
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How To Actually Buy The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift: For Sexytime

Sex toys are very popular Valentine’s Day gifts. I know this because I used to work at an adult toy store. VD and Christmas were our two busiest times. But why would you want to buy your girlfriend some crappy toy just because it’s VD themed? You wouldn’t. Get her something that she (or both [...]
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How To Actually Buy The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift: For The Boudoir

I posted recently about totally cliche Valentine’s Day gifts. And while many of the things were cliche, the idea of buying someone a sex toy or lingerie or jewelry isn’t necessarily a bad one. I’m going post about things that I would love to get if I was going to be getting any of these [...]
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Wardrobe Malfunction: Day to Night Part Deux

I wore this version of my outfit out and about today: I am wearing: Pink sleeveless ruffle shirt from Target Navy blue knee length skirt from Target Denim jacket Hot pink patent leather Converse Large silver earrings To go out tonight, all I did was change my shoes: Leopard print slip on wedges by BCBG [...]
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How To Buy The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about showing that special someone in your life that you care about them. You buy them extravagant gifts, take them out for a pricey dinner, and hope to get some candlelight and rose petal induced nookie (because love=spending money. Don’t ever forget that). Valentine’s Day is a day to [...]
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I was bored online and decided to fill out the (really fucking long) questionnaire on eHarmony for shits and giggles. My mother has offered to start paying for my Match account again if I want her to. I’m considering it, but decided to see how far I could get on eHarmony for free. After taking, [...]
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I’m Starting To Realize Something

I really need to munch some carpet. Chow some box. Lick some twat.  Soon.
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Doing The Deed With The Devil

My friend Danger Mouse sent me a link to this cock ring and I have decided that it is AWESOME and one day I will own it. Demonic sex toys, FTW.
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Map of Sexuality

This is the map of my sexuality. On it, I’ve marked all the things that I’ve done, as well as a few that I would eventually like to try. I had tried more than I thought, but I especially hadn’t tried as much as I thought!Check it out. Clicky clicky! Find out where I’ve journeyedon [...]
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Wardrobe Malfunction: Mamma Mia

I’m dragging my best guy friend to see Mamma Mia with me. I’m pretty sure he hates me. I am wearing: Black and grey dress from the Thakoon collection at Target Black cardigan from Target Hot pink heels from Bakers Black opaque tights Large off-white geometric necklace Large black mirrored earrings Pink glittered chunky bangle [...]
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