Product Review: Under the Bed Restraints

I love being bound and restrained, but I don’t have a headboard or anything that I can easily be tied to. Add that to the fact that the person that I play with does not live near me and I have to travel to meet Him and there’s no guarantee about what the bed will look like and what we’ll be able to attach things to, and it became clear that I was going to need a portable and versatile system for restraint. The Under the Bed restraints seemed to fit the bill perfectly, and so I jumped at the chance to review them for VibeReview.
The restraints come in a plastic package that is easy to open and easy to travel with. I just threw it into my suitcase to take with me to visit Master. They are designed to be used on any kind of bed, from those with headboards to mattresses on the floor to air mattresses. You name it and these restraints should be compatible with it. When Master and I used them, I was in the bathroom when He set them up, and He has a much better understanding of how they worked than I do, so He has written the majority of this review. I’ll be adding my thoughts where I have something to add, but I’ll let Him tell you what He thought of them.

Master: The restrains were quite easy to use. They are essentially in the shape of a capital H with Velcro cuffs at each end. The H is placed horizontally under a mattress with the ends hanging free out the sides. Lifting the mattress and reaching from the other side might be a little difficult for someone with a small frame [Like me! I was actually worried about being able to set this up myself, so it's a good thing I had Master there to do it for me. -Brit]. I had a little difficulty getting it just so, and must admit I made a bit of a mess of the tucked sheets. I figured they would get worse treatment in a bit however, so I didn’t fret much.

The restraints are made of strong black nylon webbing, much like what is used for tie-down straps and such. The Velcro cuffs at the ends are nice and wide which helps to distribute the forces that could be developed by a struggling sub. They were obviously made for average sized wrists, and Brit has very tiny girly wrists, so I worried that she might pull free. Nevertheless, they did hold fine. Near the cuffs are some length adjusting tabs that were super easy to adjust. Just pull the free end and snug it up; subbie wiggling instantly stops.

The box shows two possible positions. One is with the legs and arms spread with the straps across the top and bottom of the bed putting your sub in a ‘X’ position. We found quickly this did not work well and once I tightened the straps her arms both went straight up and her legs straight down. The straps would slip closer together with the tension, sliding together under the mattress. Unless you have head and footboards to loop the straps through an “X” position is not really possible as it shows on the box. The long stretched position could be useful for play but I wanted free access to Brit’s bits so we choose the other option.

This required me to drag the straps around to the sides of mattress. Once there I hooked her up and tightened the straps. Brit immediately had a surprised look on her face when she realized she was completely immobilized [Completely immobilized]. Of course, this is when I suddenly had an evil grin. ;)

As I mentioned I was a bit worried about her wrists slipping through. Although her right hand did look a little precariously close to slipping it held flawlessly. Her feet of course I was much less worried about. (Yes, Brit, you have girly feet too) On the positive side there was absolutely no way I could have had these on too tight, so that was nice, and the width appeared to hold her firmly despite her much earnest struggling. So, there she was in all her glory, spread-eagle on the bed before me, as you can see in the picture. It used to freak me out a bit that she looked so much like Richard Simmons after sex, but we love each other despite our mild quirks.

Once we got going and I applied a little Master play, I can say unequivocally that she could not get loose. Not that I think she wanted loose, but some movements and jerking at the sting of a flogger and deep penetration are instinctual, and she was not going anywhere until I was satisfied [Even through the jerking and struggling against the restraints, they were very comfortable and did not hurt my wrists or ankles in the least]. Well, ok, till I was satisfied two or three times.

Once I thought she had enough the wrist straps came off like a dream [My wrists were not sore at all when the cuffs came off]. Velcro is cool stuff and they were quite easy to release and toss over the bed leaving us room for cuddling and a little positive reinforcement for my slave’s good work. Other than the HUGE wet spot in the middle of the bed, despite two layers of towels [Hey! That was the Pure Wand's fault. I couldn't help it!], we both napped happily with her head on my chest, breathing deeply, smiling, content, in each other’s arms.

I would give these restraints two thumbs up and a quivering erection [I very much liked these restraints as well. They were easy to use and comfortable to wear and perfect for what we need them for].

This product is pretty much as close to perfect as you can get. Portable, versatile, and easy to use, they are great for hardcore BDSM people like us, yet aren’t too intimidating for people into much more mild BDSM or BDSM beginners to use. They can also be used without needing to make any alterations to furniture and can be cleaned up and put away out of sight when not in use. I highly recommend these.
If you’d like some of these for yourself, you can purchase them over at VibeReview!

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  1. Another Suburban Mom
    Posted September 28, 2009 at 5:53 am | Permalink

    This is good to know. I am glad you both enjoyed them.

  2. ravenquince
    Posted September 28, 2009 at 7:22 am | Permalink

    Hahahaha! Richard Simmons… You crack me up! I've wanted these for a long time and I think you've just moved them up my wish list several notches. Thanks for a great review.

  3. Hubman
    Posted September 28, 2009 at 4:59 pm | Permalink

    3 times today, Veronica asked me "Have you read Britni's blog yet? Someone has a birthday coming up, you know!"

    Is she trying to tell me something? LOL…

    And I love the Richard Simmons pictures. Never thought he'd look so good spread eagle on a bed ;-)

  4. Red
    Posted September 30, 2009 at 4:00 am | Permalink

    Great review…creepy picture! hahaha

  5. Advizor
    Posted October 1, 2009 at 2:48 pm | Permalink

    Yea, I have to agree with the others, that Richard Simmons picture just about put me in therapy.

    Do you have an appointment on your calendar Brit?

    Loved the review, now I just have to find someone to use them with….

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