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Fun With Needles On A Whim

I’ve been talking a bunch of bullshit for the past year about how I’m eventually going to pierce my tongue. There’s only so long that you can talk about doing something without actually doing it before people stop believing you and start thinking that you’re a lying sack of pussy shit. I went to the [...]
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I Like Poisonous Mushrooms

Saturday night, Jo and her boyfriend and myself and Cape Boy decided to eat some shrooms. I hadn’t done them in almost two years, and I was very excited. The guy that we got them from, Drug Dealer, is a friend of ours, and he had tried them out before selling them to anyone. I [...]
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Boredom Results in Britni Reciting Her ABCs

[A is for age:] 21 and legally drunk at all times. [B is for booze of choice] 99% of the time it’s a vodka cran. Or a cosmo. Or a Woo Woo shot, which is the girliest drink/shot EVER (vodka, peach schnopps, and a splash of cran). Apparently I like red/pink drinks. That makes me [...]
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Violet Beauregarde

I only want to see you, only want to see you in the purple rain. -Prince
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I Leave The Best Drunk Messages

Cape Boy just played a voicemail that he received from Drunk Britni (yes, Drunk Britni is different than regular Britni). It was left after I had already called 42 times and he had turned off his phone to try and go to sleep: “My finger is fucking bleeding, my ass fucking hurts, my friends fucking [...]
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Drinky, Drinky

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The Year In Review: 2005

I’ve seen these questions on a couple of blogs, and to tell you the truth, I really don’t have the energy to come up with an original and creative post right now due to the copious amounts of sex that I’ve been having. Therefore, I am stealing these. I will quickly tell you that I [...]
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