Fun With Needles On A Whim

I’ve been talking a bunch of bullshit for the past year about how I’m eventually going to pierce my tongue. There’s only so long that you can talk about doing something without actually doing it before people stop believing you and start thinking that you’re a lying sack of pussy shit.

I went to the lovely Hahvahd Sqaure with Jo today to get a pair of shoes and while there, we went to my piercing place to have them fix the hoop in my nose. While there, I decided on a whim that I needed to have a needle shoved through some part of my body. I’ve been contemplating getting a monroe piercing for a while, too, so I had to decide which piercing I wanted. I ultimately decided that the urge to have a needle shoved through something would be resolved if that “something” was indeed my tongue.

So, folks, here’s the result. The slightly swollen, slightly sore, slightly ginormously long barbelled result:

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