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Fighting Fair

All couples fight. It’s just part of being a couple, of being in a relationship. No matter how great your partnership is, you’re inevitably going to fight. Our problem lies, however, in the fact that neither Jesus or I learned to fight fair. We’ve  both dated dysfunctional people who always went for the jugular during [...]
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A Big Step

Jesus and I have now exchanged keys to each others’ apartments. This could be trouble.
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Today should have been awesome. Last night, Jesus and I stayed in. I made us matzoh ball soup, we watched “Dead Like Me” on Netflix, we took a nice long bath with one of my Lush bath bombs, we had sex, we went to bed early, and we woke up before 11 without a hangover. [...]
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I Suck

I’m having trouble finding things to write about. Being in a happy relationship (for me, at least) isn’t really conducive to blogging material for me. On top of that, I work a lot at a job that exhausts me both physically and emotionally. By the time I get home I’m either with Jesus at his [...]
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This Is Why We’re Dating

Something I posted on Jesus’ wall: And yes, that one person that likes his comment is me.
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Holy Matrimony, My Ass

I’ve always said that I didn’t think I ever wanted to get married. I said that I didn’t like what traditional marriage represented. I didn’t like the patriarchal aspects of it. I didn’t really believe that humans were meant to mate for life. I didn’t want to get married until I’d be able to legally [...]
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Tonight, I’m taking Jesus to dinner to celebrate 30 days without heroin. I’m so proud of him, and he says he’s feeling better than he has in a long time. I know we’ve still got an uphill battle, but we can only take it one step and one day at a time. My recovery program [...]
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Out of My System

I saw The Bruiser when I was home a few weeks ago. And to be honest, I was really scared to see him. He’s always been my Exception, regardless of who I was dating. It didn’t matter how much I liked the person I was with, I could never say no when the opportunity to [...]
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How You Know When You Have The Very Best Partner in the History of the Entire World

When you are nothing short of a complete jerk to him in the morning, being totally stressed about coming home from vacation to a complete mess of an apartment, snapping at him over stupid shit, and slamming the apartment door as you leave for work and then come home 8 hours later to find that [...]
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Wardrobe Malfunction: Festive

I spent the night of Christmas Eve in Jesus’ bar watching movies, drinking spiked hot chocolate, and blowing him in the DJ booth. I wore my most festive outfit (forgive the possessed look, thanks to the flash on Jesus’ iphone). I am wearing: Black and gray tie-dyed t-shirt, Target Purple tutu, H&M “Leather” jacket, Bebe [...]
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