Why I Love Dan Savage

To follow up on my “Dan Savage Fail” post, I figured I’d post AWESOME DAN SAVAGE. Not necessarily in the form of great advice, but more along the lines of AWESOME PERSON stuff.

In a Word…

I have a serious cum fetish. I work odd hours, and my husband often watches porn and masturbates, which in principle I have no problem at all with. However, if he cums while watching porn then there’s less cum for me, which seriously pisses me off. I have asked that he should play with himself all he likes, but I’d appreciate if he could save the actual cum for me. He says that either this spoils the fun, or he just gets carried away and can’t stop. Am I being unreasonable?

Can’t Understand Men


Never Read the Savage Love Mail at Lunch, Never Read the Savage Love Mail at Lunch, Never Read the Savage Love Mail at Lunch…

I am a big fan of your column and have a question that I have never seen addressed. The back story: married with a new child. Before I got pregnant my husband would tell me not to flush my tampons down the toilet because it can clog it. Makes sense since we live in a house built in the 60′s. So I started to wrap it in TP and place in the waste basket in the bathroom. Fast forward a year, baby is now has arrived, and my period is back to normal. The first time I was able to wear tampons I forgot about flushing them. My husband gently reminded me to not flush them and I felt bad about forgetting. Well I am on my period now, and this is where my question comes in.

I came home yesterday from work with the baby and heard the radio in the bathroom so I knew my husband was about to take a shower. I put the baby down and went to pop my head in to let him know we were home, and saw him getting ready to turn the shower on with a string hanging from his mouth. I didn’t have time to register what it was when he spit it out from being startled and it was my bloody tampon. I freaked!! I shut the door and just sat on the couch in shock. He took a really long time to come out so I know he was freaked out that I saw what I saw. I am a very GGG kinda girl but I have to admit I was taken back. After I finally got him to sit and talk he told me he had been doing this for a few years with the women he was dating and now me, his wife. I am sure you have heard of this and I Googled it and know it is a real fetish, but I am curious if it is safe. Never thought about the tampon once I disposed of it but now I have vested interest to know if it is okay to do. I can’t ask anyone I know so I went to my favorite expert. :)

I’m His Blood Type

If you have an iPhone and haven’t purchased the Savage Love app, you should do so immediately. Best $1.99 I’ve ever spent! There’s an “Ohhh, Dan!” feature that includes vibration along to a picture of Dan, podcasts, Questions of the Day, and more. And while it’s starting up, it says things like, “enabling fisting,” “disabling Santorum,” “initializing water sports,” “configuring a 3-way,” “initiating pegging sequence,” and “rimming,” among other things.

And if you haven’t checked out his “It Gets Better” project, you should. It’s amazing. I’m planning on filming a video, and when I do, I’ll post it.

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