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On Self-Worth and Submission

Isabel posted something the other day about struggling with her self-worth. Something about it got me thinking about the fact that, when I really think about it, many of the submissives whose blogs I read struggle with their self-esteem and self-worth. I also find that when I’m depressed or feeling really poorly about myself, I [...]
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In the Light of Day

It’s been a while since I’ve been marked or bruised. Daddy doesn’t like to leave bruises, unless I’m being punished, and so most of the bruises He leaves on me are due to a slip of the wrist or Him adjusting to a new toy. These were a combination of everything: punishment for missing our [...]
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Profligacy and I have been looking for a collar for everyday wear for a while now. We wanted something that I could wear all the time, but everything we found was either too obviously a collar, or just “not me.” We wanted this because a) I can’t wear my collar 24/7, yet it’s nice to [...]
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All of Me

I have the best Master/Daddy/boyfriend in the world. I’m not an easy person to be with, and I know that. I suffer from depression, and it comes and goes often. I actually think it’s more like dysthymia, which is worse, because that means it never really goes away. And that makes being with me really, [...]
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I’ve always known I was a little kinky. However, I never really thought that I was more than a *little* kinky. Just the “usual:” light spanking, some bondage, choking. You know, the usual. Then, as I read more and more about BDSM, I realized that I was probably more than just a *little* kinky. Maybe [...]
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BDSM Meme: Britni

I found this on Kaya’s blog, and I liked it. I’m not really big on memes, but I thought this one was good, especially since I have so many non-BDSM readers. 1. Your role? Submissive slave, cum slut. 2. Current relationship? Owned and collared to Profligacy. 3. Your favorite type of play? Bondage of any kind, mild forms of humiliation. 4. Your [...]
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Master’s Pet

Master and I are not into pup-play or pony-play, or any kind of animal role play. However, our relationship has a very large element of protection to it. I desire a Dom that will be comforting, protective, and who will take care of me, as I mentioned in my post on ageplay. Profligacy really enjoys [...]
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Levels of Submission

About a year ago, I had opened my blog up to questions from readers. A friend of mine, Deiter, sent me the 9 Levels of Submission and asked where I felt I fell on the spectrum. Here was my answer at the time: I am somewhere between number 4 and number 5, the “true submissive non-slave” [...]
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Aftercare, Part II: Traumatic Bonding

This is Part II in a three-part series on aftercare. Part I can be found here. Part III is here. Before I begin this post, I want to make it very clear that BDSM is not abuse, and the two are quite different. For clarification on what does and does not constitute abuse in BDSM relationships, [...]
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Most of the time, I love being in a 24/7 D/s relationship. In fact, I’ll say that a good 97% of the time I love it. It fulfills me, it fits me, and it’s what I want. However, being submissive is not always easy. You have to swallow (pun intended) a lot of shit when [...]
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