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The Curve has seemingly divided the sex toy reviewing world. I’ve not read a review on it yet that is indifferent to it. People either think it’s the BEST. TOY. EVER, or they REALLY, REALLY, REALLY HATE it. I will be one of those that raves about it. I’m a huge fan of g-spot stimulation, and the more intense the stimulation, the better. My favorite toy is the Njoy Pure Wand which has a very sharp curve and provides very intense stimulation, bring that it’s stainless steel and all. Therefore, the severe curve of the Curve did not frighten me; it excited me. I couldn’t wait to get it in me!

I received the hot pink Curve. And it is beautiful and these pictures do not do the brightness of the toy justice. However, once you get done oohing and ahing over the pretty color and shape, you will notice that this toy is very large. You really can’t miss this fact. It’s very large and very girthy. This is *not* a toy for beginners, and it’s probably best to warm up before trying to take on this thing. If you do not like size and/or girth, this is not the toy for you. You can stop reading right here, because TRUST ME, you do not want to take this toy on if size and girth is not your thing. 

The toy has a very bulbous head with a bump on the top that is designed for g-spot stimulation. This bump is what seems to be the bone of contention among those that have reviewed it. The ones that have not liked the toy have complained about the “dreaded bump.” The bump does cause me slight discomfort during entry and intense thrusting if I am not properly warmed up or lubricated, but the discomfort is not extreme and is easily rectified with lube.
This is a Fun Factory toy, so it’s 100% silicone. Shall I repeat the schpiel? Phthalate-free, non-porous, sterilizable, can be shared without a condom. Cleaning is as easy as boiling, bleaching with a 10% solution, or throwing in the dishwasher (top shelf, no soap). The silicone on this toy is very flexible. You can bend the toy almost into a straight line without any effort at all. Silicone-lubes are not an option with your Curve, so please stick with water-based lubes only.

As for the toy itself, I fucking love it. It’s very quickly become one of my go-to toys. I do have to be adequately warmed up to take it, but once I am, I can very comfortably take it. I’ve heard complaints about the Curve being painful to use, and I’ve heard people hypothesize that this is due to the severity of the curve. However, the toy is so flexible that you can basically bend it straight, so it is the large bump on the head that is causing the discomfort, not the curve of the toy. I’ve also heard that the flexibility of the material made it difficult for thrusting. I have not had this problem, either. The hole in the handle is very good for hooking your finger in and using to thrust. If you thrust too far out, however, the head of the toy will come past your pubic bone, causing the reinsertion of that bump that so many people found to be painful. Don’t thrust it all the way in and back out if you can help it. Short, quick thrusts work best. This toy never fails to make me squirt and/or gush.

I wouldn’t use this toy for anal play, nor would it work in a harness. I would only recommend this toy for those that are experienced toy users that enjoy girth and that are familiar with and enjoy very intense g-spot stimulation. Otherwise, this may not be the toy for you. Which is fine, because it *is* the toy for me!

A wonderful reader was nice enough to buy this for me off of my Vibe Review wishlist. If you’d like to buy yourself one, you can find it over at Vibe Review!

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  1. Ms. Inconspicuous
    Posted August 26, 2009 at 1:20 am | Permalink

    I *really* want to try silicone lube with a silicone toy (that I dislike) someday, just to see how they fuse/melt together.

    Ain't science grand?

  2. theybelongtous
    Posted August 27, 2009 at 1:00 pm | Permalink

    I'm glad you did this review. This is on my wish list too, and it's good to know that a warm up might be needed. :)

    I still want it.


  3. Epiphora
    Posted December 28, 2009 at 6:52 pm | Permalink

    Ha! You linked to me! I should try this toy again. But it wasn't just the bump that gave me trouble — it was also how flexible the shaft was. I have another toy (Ophoria Beyond No 3) that is like this one except stiff and not uncomfortable, so I greatly prefer it.

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