The Promo Homo taught me about a new phenomenon called “coregasms.”

TPH: I have a new reason to go to the gym… certain ab exercises are giving me “coregasms”
TPH: look into it
TPH: have you heard of it happening before? it makes sense
TPH: something about working your lower abdominals and it stimulating your PC muscles
me: it makes sense, but i haven’t really heard of it
me: i have heard of the girls climbing the rope in gym class

me: or walking up stairs after getting their hood pierced
TPH: it’s kind of the weirdest slash coolest thing ever
TPH: it’s a totally non-sexual orgasm
me: hmm
me: maybe i have a reason to go to the gym now
TPH: yeah haha
TPH: that’s what all my friends here have been saying
me: i still wont go probably
TPH: it may not work for you
TPH: it doesn’t seem to for everyone
TPH: it usually happens around rep 90-100
TPH: so you gotta work for a while to get to that point
TPH: but when you do… glorious!
me: that seems like too much work
me: with my Hitachi (RIP)… no work!
TPH: haha
TPH: well I’m already doing the work
TPH: so it’s a nice bonus
me: its like a reward for all your hard work though
TPH: the first time it happened… BRIGHT RED in the face
me: i could see that
me: that is the only machine i would ever want to go on
TPH: I used to have the beginning feelings of it in high school sometimes… and I’d stop
TPH: then a few weeks ago it started again
TPH: and I was like “screw it… I’m going for it” and it happened
TPH: shock
me: very fun. is that your goal every time now?
TPH: haha yes. I waiting around an extra 10 minutes to use it tonight. this guy was hogging the machine
TPH: I tend to end my workout with it because obviously.. I’m in no shape to keep weight lifting after having an orgasm
TPH: it’s kind of a weird phenomenon… it’s all over the internet in exercise forums
TPH: that’s the one that did it for me in high school. it’s called a captains chair
TPH: and that’s the one that works for me all the way now
me: oh, yeah. those machines are way too much work for me.
me: thanks, but no thanks. i’ll stick to my toys
TPH: but yeah… there’s some new material for you
me: hahaha
me: aw, just for you that will make it to the blog
TPH: haha YES
Have any of you ever heard of this? Or had it happen to you?
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  1. Molls
    Posted September 23, 2008 at 1:50 pm | Permalink

    This happens to me during yoga, during positions with strengthen my abs or lower back. I love it. Plus, whenever I do yoga, if I have sex/masturbate later, my orgasms are way more intense.

  2. twg
    Posted September 23, 2008 at 2:59 pm | Permalink

    When I use the upright bike at the gym, something like this happens, but it feels sort of uncomfortable.

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