What’s In Your Box?: Deiter

Today’s toy box actually comes from a friend of mine, Deiter, from the local scene down here in South Florida.

  1. I am a dominant kinky sadist. My main areas of interest are shibari, flogging, caning, insertables, impact, and pressure points. While I prefer to play heavy, I can be very sensual. I am a rope artist and erotic fine art, bondage, and fetish photographer in South Florida. You can see my “adult” rated work at Deiter’s Domain. Currently, I am the co-moderator of the South Florida TNG. This educational organization serves the kink, fetish, and BDSM youth (ages 20-35) community of South Florida centered in Ft. Lauderdale.

  2. My toy collection is full of all my favorite things. I do wish, like everyone does, I had more things at my disposal. But I keep myself, and those I play with, pretty entertained with what I do have.

    First up is my rigging equipment:
    (4) 50’ x ¼” Twisted Nylon Rope from Home Depot; Carabiner Hook from Home Depot; Door Knocker Suspension Ring by KinkyRopes.com; Mad Rock 30kN Rescue Swivel; (6) Omega USA ½” Standard D Screw-Lock Carabiner; Colored Nylon Cord from Home Depot; (8) 25’ x 6mm Hemp by KinkyRopes.com; 30’ x 6mm Black Hemp; (2) 30’ x 6 mm Red Hemp; 8’ x 6mm Hemp; 12’ x 6mm Hemp; 20’ x 6mm Hemp; 20’ x 6mm Raw Hemp by Lochai; (5) 30’ x 6mm Hemp; 30’ x 6mm Z-Twist Hemp; (2) 50’ x 3/8” Braided Nylon Cord from Home Depot; Safety Shears.

    Then there is my impact play equipment:
     13 Clothes Pin Zipper; Nipple Clamps; Clover Clamps; Whisper Silk Blindfold; Rubber Beater; Wartenberg Wheel; Bamboo Nipple Clamps by Madame Butterfly; Bamboo Piece; Acuvibe Cordless Massager; 8mm x 33” Varnished Rattan Cane by Leather Girls; 4mm x 26” Varnished Rattan Cane by Leather Girls; (2) 6mm x 20” Unvarnished Rattan Canes; Black & Red Suede Mini Floggers; Purple & Black Suede Floggers by BDSMGear.com; Black & Purple Leather Floggers by Leather Lee; Black Leather Floggers by BDSMGear.com.

    And, finally, there is my play piercing kit:
     3” x 3” Sterile Pads; 18” x 24” Absorbing Pads; Latex Free Band Aids; Adhesive Tape; Alcohol Swabs; 1 gallon zip top bags; 70” Isopropyl Alcohol; Hand Sanitizer; Latex Exam Gloves; 18G x 1” Hypodermic Needles; 16G x 1.5” Hypodermic Needles; 20G x 1.5” Hypodermic Needles.

  3. I store my collection in a custom fitted SKB Small Trap Case and a Stanley Deep Professional Organizer.

    Typically, I play in local dungeons or at Fetish Factory Alter Ego parties. I needed something on the go. Duffle bags and backpacks would always lead to my ropes and floggers getting bundled together, and I would spend more time getting my toys untangled than I would playing. So I built out the inside of the SKB rolling case so that my floggers could hang straight, and I could keep my rope bundled and organized on pegs. The case is about 36″ tall with a handle on top that is perfect for pulling behind me. And when I travel to different events, its perfect for checking onto the plane.

  4. My favorite toys are definitely my hemp rope. It’s what got me into the scene and what I am best known for. But a very close second is my Acuvibe. It’s a cordless knock off of the Hitachi Magic Wand, and who doesn’t love that! I can bring it anywhere and not have to worry about plugging it in. So forced orgasms are always on the table when I’ve gotten someone into a hogtie!
  5. My wishlist includes a set of Osada Steve Hemp from KinkyRopes.com, a 1″ Ball End Ass Hook and “J” Pussy Hook from TwistedMonk.com, a leather corset from Marvelous Mayhem, and a Signal Whip from Victor Tella.
Want to show me what’s in your box? Just send photos and answers to these questions to britisshameless at gmail dot com!
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  1. SevurdLove
    Posted February 16, 2010 at 10:58 pm | Permalink

    A gal I dated had a roller about that size that swung open with two doors and three drawers. Never knew where she got it from but that was one of the best portable bondage setups I have ever seen. Yours is extremely impressive too. You have about everything covered.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. April
    Posted February 18, 2010 at 11:01 am | Permalink

    I just spent the last 45 minutes looking at all of the pictures on your website, Dieter. I am blown away. Simply gorgeous. They're erotic, sensual and beautiful. You're seriously talented at what you do, which you already know, but WOW. Just wow.

    My word verification is defineart. Completely appropriate because your pictures and skills are art.

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