Product Review: Mystic Wand

I’m a huge fan of wand vibrators. The Hitachi is my go-to toy pretty much all the time, as it always seems to do the trick for me. However, the Hitachi is loud as all hell, it’s big, and it plugs into the wall, which doesn’t make it very portable and severely limits options for playing with it.

Enter Vibratex’s Mystic Wand. It may be the perfect wireless wand vibe. That’s a pretty big statement, I know, but I really do love it.
Material: The Mystic Wand has a silicone head and neck, with a plastic handle. The head of the toy is phthalate-free, non-porus, and hypo-allergenic. The neck is flexible
Size: The Mystic Wand is just over 8 inches in length. Compared to the 12 inches of the Hitachi, that’s a huge difference. It’s much less bulky and way easier to handle then the Hitachi is.
Power Source: The Mystic Wand takes 4 AA batteries. The good thing is that everyone usually has AA batteries on-hand. The other good thing is that because the toy is wireless, it can be used virtually anywhere. The not-so-good is that, as someone that’s gotten used to plug-in (like the Hitachi) or rechargeable toys, I’m a little spoiled and would prefer that it didn’t take batteries at all. The cap at the bottom of the toy screws off, and the batteries go inside. The cap was easy to put on and off, and sealed nice and tight. Taking the batteries out when the toy is not in use will extend the life of both your toy and the batteries.
Vibration Intensity, Function, and Volume: The Mystic Wand has three different speeds and three different patterns of vibration. This provides many, many more options than just the high and low speeds on my Hitachi. There is a low, medium, and high level of vibration, and then three vibration patterns. The best way to describe these is: pulsating (buzz-buzz-buzz), two short and one long pulsation (buzz-buzz-buuuuzzzz), and escalating (from low to high). The vibrations are quite powerful, and I was pleasantly surprised. Usually, anything less powerful than my Hitachi fails to get me off, but this one provided no problem at all. I’m not a big fan of patterns of vibration, since they tend to frustrate me, but Profligacy really liked playing with those.
Controlling the vibrations couldn’t be easier. There is a power button that turns the toy on and off, and allows you to turn the toy off on any one of the functions. This is great, since so many toys make you cycle through all the functions in order to turn it off. Above the power button is an “F” button that allows you to cycle through the functions. When the wand is turned on, a blue LED light glows. There is another small LED light above the “F” button that indicates which function the toy is currently on.
This is not a quiet toy, nor is it an exceptionally loud toy. The covers adequately muffle the sound. Whereas my Hitachi sounds like a lawnmower, and even with 2 blankets and a pillow on top of it, plus the TV turned to it’s highest volume, I still worry that people in the other rooms can hear it. The Mystic Wand is fine simply if it is under the covers.
The short video below demonstrates the flexibility and movement of the head, as well as the functions and sound of the vibration. The video says that there are four patterns of vibration, but that is an error on my part and I do not feel like redoing the video, so my apologies. There are THREE patterns of vibration, as you’ll see in the video.

Uses: The Mystic Wand is for external stimulation, and can be used anywhere you want! I prefer it for clitoral stimulation. I also love it as an actual massager. It feels really nice on sore back muscles. Profligacy also really likes the way this toy feels, and it’s one of the only (if not THE only) vibrators that he actually enjoys using on himself. He likes the patterns on it the best, and enjoys placing it over his pants and feeling the vibration on his cock and balls.

The Mystic Wand is also splashproof, which I didn’t know until I read someone else’s review of it! So while you can’t submerge it, you can bring it into the shower with you. This is awesome, since I have such a hard time finding waterproof vibes that I like.
Care and Cleaning: Since the head of the toy is silicone, you can only use water-based lube with your Mystic Wand. However, because it is silicone, you could share this toy without a condom, due to the fact that it’s non-porus. Just wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution if you plan on doing so.
The fact that this toy is splashproof makes cleaning a breeze, since you don’t have to worry about accidentally getting water in certain places on the toy. Antibacterial soap and water will easily do the trick if you don’t plan on sharing the toy, though it’s easy to get lube and bodily fluids in the ribbing on the head. If you have trouble getting it all out, an old toothbrush should do the trick, though I can’t see you really needing to get that extreme with it. I was able to pretty easily clean it out, it just took a few minutes. The head of this toy is MUCH easier to clean than the head on my Hitachi, that’s for sure!

Storage: The Mystic Wand comes with a black velour bag for discreet storage, which I really like. It easily and discreetly fits into a nightstand drawer, whereas storing my Hitachi requires wrapping the cord and finding a large enough spot to keep it. Unfortunately, I do not have pictures of the packaging, as Profligacy bought this for me, and he threw out the package so that He could pack it to bring on our trip. However, the toy comes in a simple plastic box that allows you to see the toy through the packaging.
Overall: While I still prefer to use my Hitachi if I’m looking for a quick nut, the Mystic Wand offers more options, is more versatile, and more portable. If you’ve been looking for a wireless wand vibe that lives up to expectations, look no further than the Mystic Wand. Want one? Go get one!

product picture
Mystic wand
Massager by Vibratex
Material: Silicone / Plastic
Buy from EdenFantasys

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